Here are your quiz results and the scoop on your shadow(s).

If you tallied mostly "A's," your persona may closely align with Distracted Dionne. Do you recognize yourself in her shadow?

Distracted Dionne

Dionne struggles to accomplish her goals because she's not sure where to start. Despite attempts at time-management, she always seems to be "getting ready to get ready to take action." Nothing seems to get done as quickly as she knows it could, and it's very, very frustrating.

Even though she quickly moved up the traditional ladder of "success," she secretly criticizes herself for lacking the discipline needed to achieve her biggest, boldest personal and professional goals. 

She's distracted by the noise of "shoulds" - always hearing "you should want this,"

"you should do that," or "you shouldn't do this." This clouds her ability to get clear on what she really wants for herself and her life. 

She has a strong habit of quick starts and unfinished endings. Her passion projects, big ideas, and long-term goals often go left unfulfilled and unaccomplished and often linger as missed opportunities. 

She commonly feels a daunting sense of overwhelm, anxious, and frustrated. She's sick and tired of distractions being her worst enemy and undermining her ability to step into her personal power.

Dear Distracted Dionne,

I see you. I know you have big, bold dreams and are in search of ways to get out of the frustrating, never-ending cycle of "getting ready to get ready" to live them. I get it. I've been right where you are. 


I've experienced the discontent and overwhelming anxiety that come with uncertainty and self-doubt. And yet, carry a deep long to step into your authentic power. This push-

pull is painful.


Before awaking to my Brilliance, I suffered, too. I craved and resisted the structures needed for me to execute my plans. Using the steps I teach daily, today, my life is so much more in focus, and I'm able to prioritize my ideas more easily and effectively move forward on them, and you can, too. 


You, too, can have the clarity and momentum towards creating your biggest, boldest dreams and goals.  I'm excited to support you discover another way to the possibilities of freedom that await you.


Let's connect ASAP. I'm looking forward to supporting you get focus,  confident, and in action on creating your best, highest version of yourself yet!


Cheering YOU on!

Ryane Danielle LeCesne

If you tallied mostly "B's," your persona may closely align with Waiting-for-Perfect Penelope. Do you recognize yourself in her shadow?

Waiting-for-Perfect Penelope

In Penelope's mind, she can clearly see her dream life. However, she feels trapped by her circumstances. "If-only," she thinks, "If only I had more money. If only I had a career that was a better fit. If only I had fewer obligations. If only I weren't so afraid to truly express myself." 

She's not sure if she is more afraid of success or failure –– maybe both, and the clashing of the two considerably slows down her progress. If only she could get beyond these questions, she might actually be able to accomplish her biggest, boldest dreams and goals.

Others see her as "having it all." While she doesn't want to seem ungrateful, and she knows she's blessed, Penelope also knows that regardless of how things may seem that she's struggling and something has got to change. She feels trapped between feeling driven to express herself, but at the same time, she also goes to great lengths to avoid taking risks in fear of being a disappointment and receiving criticism from others. Too often, this leads her to avoid the spotlight and downplay her true desires. Penelope's fear of judgment results in her feeling immobilized and being overly guarded about protecting her gifts, talents, and desires – all which suffocate her self-expression.


Penelope also tends to get trapped in a cycle of over planning and over perfecting her plans. She often gets stuck in the "getting ready to get" phase. Despite her clarity and confidence in her dreams and goals, her need to over-plan results in her self-sabotaging her efforts. She knows what to do, but she can't seem to make herself execute. The busywork of planning and re-planning leaves her exhausted, and her self-doubt and uncertainty make her feel anxious and overwhelmed.


More than anything, Penelope wants to achieve her biggest, boldest dreams but the risk of failure and the resulting shame, embarrassment, and criticism are too daunting to face. So, she continues to work in the background on her plans. Meanwhile, opportunities and time march on as she works in the background and watches the possibility of creating her dreams pass her by.

over-plan can push the realization of your dreams further and further away from your grasp. I have been stuck right where you are.

I know how deeply you desire to keep your mask of protection on, and yet, I also know that you long to be in full expression yourself. I specialize in supporting individuals, just like you, make quantum leaps out of the shadow of perfectionism, to get off of the sidelines, and get fully into the game of Life. 


It is time for you to stop waiting for perfect and to start living your best Life now. I have created a scientifically based, proven process that has gently supported the toughest of Waiting-for-Perfect Penelope's learn another way to transform their minds and discover possibilities of freedom that awaited them. Trust the process, and it will work for you, too.


Let's connect to explore ways to get you into greater alignment and flow with your dreams and goals.


Your Best Life Awaits YOU!

Ryane Danielle LeCesne

Dear Waiting-for-Perfect Penelope,


I see you. I recognize the mental, emotional, and physical exhaustion you carry around from the pressure to do it "all," to do it all "perfectly," and to do it "all by yourself" – or not start at all. 


I know that place where fear of judgment, fear criticism, and the strong tendency to 

If you tallied mostly "C's," your persona may closely align with Impostor Ines. Do you recognize yourself in her shadow?

Impostor Ines

Ines carries a deep-seated secret: she believes she's in a role she doesn't deserve or hasn't fully earned. Other people see her as high-achieving and as an expert in her field, which only compounds her fear of being discovered. Her worst fear is that people will figure out that she's a fraud. 


Ines feels like her authentic self is inside of the fake facade that everyone has come to know as "her." Trapped inside, she can't seem to access or express the most genuine part of herself, yet she smiles, puts on her lipstick, and seamlessly plays the "part" that she's been assigned. All awhile she's silently suffering feeling like she can't afford to explore her authentic side or to dream too big for 

the fear that she'll blow her cover. 

She knows she has something unique to offer the world but is pretty uncertain about what it is. But Ines is so trapped by the fear that people will see her for who she truly is: not an expert but a person who doesn't honestly know herself. 


Ines secretly longs for someone or something to tell her the exact steps to take to find and express her authentic self but is too afraid to ask for help. The thought of asking for outside help triggers her fear that people will finally have the evidence she's been secretly hiding – that she's not fully qualified, a fraud, and that she doesn't really belong. This never-ending cycle of ultra-independence and over self-sustaining causes Ines to feel like her life is a solo journey on inner isolation and constant disguise. 


Under the beautifully polished veneer, Ines is exhausted, anxious, overwhelmed, and lost in her wondering when her authentic life is finally going to begin.

Dear Impostor Ines,


I see you. I so appreciate how hard you work to keep "it all together." And, I can feel the loneliness and longing you experience inside of the "costume" of your everyday life.


I want you to know that I, too, secretly harbored deep shame, anxiety, and discontent in my prior life. The inner conflict of feeling like a fraud, holding your breath waiting to be 

called out, and yet longing to feel authentic, whole, and free to express yourself fully leaves little space for inner joy and peace. 

I know what it's like to feel that despite your multiple degrees and many personal and professional successes, you still felt like you're enough and feel disconnected from your Purpose and direction. 


Or to have ignored your desires for so long or have put other's expectations and needs ahead of your own so often that you're uncertain if you know what you want to do with your life. 


I can and sincerely want to help you find your way back to yourself – this is my magic! Let's connect so we can explore ways for you to experience wholeness, authenticity, and the freedom you seek.


Seeing YOU for WHO YOU Are!

Ryane Danielle LeCesne

Dear Friend,

I see you. And, I know that there is another way to the freedom of possibilities that await you.


You get to create your life on your terms, and I can show you how to apply a scientifically proven process that can support you make your quantum leap. I experience the magic of the inner-work daily as I grow in my Brilliance and as I inspire others to illuminate their Brilliance.


I also know that "it" (the commitment to "change") can be scary. But, that's why I'm here and that's why your Soul connected you with mine. I am here to help you.


I see YOU – all of you: both your aspirations and your hidden shame. And I want to show you another way to the freedom you seek and deserve – your Brilliance.

Love + Light,

Ryane Danielle LeCesne

Ryane Danielle LeCesne's MISSION | VISION for INSPIRE

Ryane is passionate about living her Brilliance – her Divine Gift to be Your Brilliance Illuminator™. Her mission is to inspire 1-million women to live their Brilliance during this lifetime. She holds a vision of the world where every woman feels empowered to use her voice and Brilliance for the good of humanity. Ryane is the CEO of INSPIRE Brand Consulting, LLC., the founder of Finesse School, a transformational mindset coach and "nerd," metaphysician and energy healer. She is also a wife, mother, daughter, and friend.

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