Whose Shadow is Hiding Your Brilliance?

Your Brilliance is the Light of your Soul. You’re meant to shine! 🌈✨🌈 Whose shadow keeps your Brilliance chained to your circumstances, self-doubts, fear of failure, fear of success, uncertainty, lack of discipline... and on and on. 🤯 Is it Distracted Dionne who seeks clarity but is pulled in a million directions trying to do everything with “excellence” but not really living her dream life. 🤔 Could it be Waiting-for-Perfect Penelope who deeply wants to express herself and share her gifts with the world but gets stuck planning and over planning her goals and feels trapped by: it’s not perfect, it’ll be judged, I’ll look weak, I’m not ready, now’s not the right time... and on and on. 😫 Still, it might be Impostor Ines who intellectually knows she holds degrees and titles and accomplishments but she believes that she’s not as smart as people thinks she is, “If they only new how dirty my bathroom is or how I never finish a book, then they’d know I’m a fraud in a costume”... and on and on. 😢 If you have a dream, goal, desire, longing, wish, hope, nudge to create BUT AREN’T TAKING ACTION or FEEL: low energy, a bit sad, frustrated, unclear, lacking will power, in a rut, stuck, trapped... and on and on. 🥵🤬🥵 I’m here to tell you that there is another way for you to experience the freedom of possibilities that await you. 🦄🌈🔮🧚🏽‍♀️ I can teach and coach you to scientifically illuminate the Brilliance of your Soul and to create your life with greater clarity, confidence, and inner-peace. ✨ Take the *FREE 3-MINUTE QUIZ* to see whose shadow is keeping your Brilliance in the dark. 🤔🤩🤔 PS: Did the message sting a little bit? Are you experiencing a sense of unease? That’s your Soul urging you to take INSPIRED ACTION. You maybe saying, “Yeah, but I’m too old, too far gone, too busy, too broke, too broken, too unclear, too tired... and on and on. 😘 Here’s the thing: I SEE YOU BECAUSE I KNOW YOU! I was distracted, waiting-for-perfect, and felt like an impostor, AND I FIXED MYSELF! I am living my Brilliance - EVERYDAY and more and more each day I put my own inner-work into practice. I’ve taught 100s to integrate the exact same PROVEN process. Take the quiz - NOW!

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