When You Want Something to Change You Have to Say "No!" AND "Yes!"

When you want something to change, you have to say "No" to that deep human desire to stay where you are and "Yes" to doing something different.

I see you, and I know that YOU know more is possible for you and your life. You just don't know how you're going to get beyond where you are now to where you desire to be.

You dream of your next promotion, your corner office, or launching your own business. As the high-achieving woman that you are, it's possible that you can get stuck in your head, trying to figure it all out before you take your next step.

That's why I am inviting you to get out of your head and into action.

I want to guide you as you go through a personal transformation mindset shift about what's possible for you. You will achieve undeniable clarity. You will explore the beliefs and habits that are keeping you stuck. You will experience remarkable inner-peace as you get into alignment with your Divine assignment and take action on your true desires…

... All you have to do is say, "Yes!"

You may be thinking, "What are you asking me to say 'Yes' to, Ryane?"

And I know that you like to know exactly what you're signing up for before you take the leap. So, I am sharing my responses to the top questions that I have received since launching INSPIRE's #GetToClarity: Break the Chains of Impostor Syndrome and Perfectionism Accelerator Course & Coaching Program.

Usually, when one person has a question, others are curious about the same thing.  

When does the course start?

Class starts on June 17, 2019, with immediate access to the course curriculum. It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.

What exactly is Finesse School?

Finesse School is a unique hybrid learning experience for high-achieving women who are ready to advance their carers or build their dream businesses with clarity, confidence, and peace and are looking for inspiration, support and guidance to make their personal transformation seamless, effective and efficient. Our courses combine the flexibility of self-paced online learning with live intensive Group Laser Coaching Calls. Our curriculum is focused on the scientifically based and proven 8-Step Quantum Leap Framework™ which will empower you to practice using the necessary tools, techniques, and tactics to create the life you'd most love to live.

Who would benefit from the #GetToClarity: Break the Chains of Impostor Syndrome and Perfectionism Accelerator Course & Coaching Program?

Anyone and everyone who desires to advance their career or build their dream business with clarity, confidence, and peace is an excellent match for the #GetToClarity course.

Why should I enroll in #GetToClarity?

Being the creature of habit that you are, your thoughts, feelings, and actions of yesterday will have a strong tendency to overshadow your desire to create a "Future-You" who is more aligned with your higher vision of yourself. Simply put: change is hard! And it's nearly impossible when you go at it alone. Without significant effort, support, and an actual shift in your way of thinking, feeling, and acting, you will, in essence, live the same "yesterday" – today, tomorrow, next week, for the next year, and for the next 10 years unless you take action today! Take control of who you are becoming and who you show up as in your world today by getting crystal clear on your vision of "who the best YOU is."

How much time will it take to complete this course?

We've designed the course to be a 7-week accelerator course. The content can be completed at your own pace. However, to support you in your self-pacing and to keep you highly engaged, once a week we will meet for a *LIVE* Group Laser Coaching Call.

How long will I have access to the content?

How does life-long access sound? You've got it!

What is your refund policy?

We stand behind our course 100%, and we know that the "inner-work" works! It works over time, every time, for everyone who's willing to do the work. Because this an all-inclusive, immediate-access course, all sales are final. If you choose not to complete the course, there are no refunds once you've enrolled.

Still on the fence?

Schedule a 15-minute "Stop Over Thinking It" Call with Ryane to get any course questions answered and receive personal guidance on determining if this course is right for you. You can schedule your call (here)

If you have a question that is not addressed here, please don't hesitate to reach out to me (here).  

What will it take for you to say, "Yes!"?

I look forward to working with you.

Your Most Brilliant Life Awaits!

Ryane Danielle LeCesne

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