What Is It Costing You + Time Is Running Out

If one of your best girlfriends organized an epic girls trip with the promise of beautiful ocean views, warm sandy beaches, and great conversations, would you say, “Yes!”? I know I would!

Even though it would cost me to go on this adventure, I would also pay a price for staying home…

...What am I missing?

...What are they sharing?

...How are they growing?

...Why didn’t I just go?

...Is it too late for me to join them?

I know what it's like to turn down an opportunity and then to spend so much time and energy wondering what I said “No” to that I regret not saying, “Yes!”

So, Love, here’s the thing...

...I've organized an epic transformational journey. There are beautiful views of clarity, deep explorations of the beliefs and habits that are slowing you down from living the life that you truly want, and there is the inner-peace that feels better than a warm ocean breeze as you get into alignment with what your soul longs to express.

For this adventure, you don’t need to pack your bags. You just need to say, “Yes!”...

...Yes to doing your self-paced online modules.

...Yes to showing up for your weekly group coaching Zoom calls.

...Yes to joining a community of women who are in action.

...Yes to clarity.

...Yes to confidence.

...Yes to peace.

...Yes to your dreams.

...Yes to your Brilliance!

What do you say? Are you ready for your personal transformation, Love?

I know the value of what's on the other side of this program, and I want you to experience it for yourself. The doors to the June/July Summer Session of the #GetToClarity Online Coaching Program will close tomorrow (Friday), and the class starts on Monday, June 17, 2019.

I hope to see YOU there.

Love & Light!

Ryane Danielle LeCesne

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