Two of My 2020 Dreams Have Come True in a Matter of Days!!

Hello, my dear friend. I hope this message finds you well and living in your zone of Brilliance.

Over the past several... well, I guess years now, I've shared my personal mindfulness meditation journey on social media, and as I welcomed in 2020, I also shared the updates I've recently made in my office as I created a beautiful, comfortable, sensory-filled, and delightful mindfulness meditation space.

In the passed, I've used a wooden tray as an altar to hold my healing crystals, singing bowl, mala beads, candles, a small plant, and a whole host of items that have special and sacred meaning to me. I kept the tray altar on a shelf and would move it to my desk or a table when I wanted to use my metaphysical and spiritual tools for meditation. As my meditation practice has deepened, so has my collection of metaphysical and spiritual "stuff" which has expanded beyond the tray altar to almost every surface of my office. #ImObsessedWithHealingTools!

As I mindfully felt my way into 2020, it felt right to create a more formal meditation space to spent time connecting to Source, Intention, God, our Creator.

In a matter of minutes, the space grew from putting the tray altar on the floor with my new fiddle fig tree Rachel and tiny yellow rose bush Julia to me hauling my grandmother's +75 pound wall mirror up a flight of stairs and adding a re-repurposed lamp, an essential oil diffuser, a 7 Moons wine bottle that I bought purely for the picture of the phases of the moon on the label, and a whole host of other mystical goodies.

I even heard my Self say, "I'd love to have a couple of throw pillows to sit on for my meditation." I did all the research on meditation pillows and a few days later, I looked at two oversized pillows I'd made years ago and said, "Perfect! Here are my pillows!" #DreamComeTrue1

After creating my new sanctuary, my mind got going and I heard my Self ask – "How can I marry my passion for teaching and practicing meditation with my love for design and all things metaphysical and spiritual to further enhance my clients' experiences with mindfulness meditation?"

Source Answered me with an inspired idea: "I'll start supporting my clients (the Inner Tribe) create their own personalized meditation spaces in their homes! YEEEEEEEEES!!!!!"

I continued to share images of my inspired meditation space evolve over the next few days, and just TODAY, I received a Divine message from a bestie that said, "Hey girlie, I love your new meditation space. I'm working on creating a space of my own. If you have any suggestions let me know!"

You know I was ALL OVER IT!!! #IHearYouGod! #DreamComeTrue2 – My first professional design project! My creativity was FLOWING!!!

Among the many resources I shared with her, I also created a Pinterest board focused on how to create a beautiful, comfortable, sensory-filled, and delightful meditation space to also share with the Inner Circle.

And, I was so inspired, I wanted to share the board with the whole INSPIRE Tribe! (Link below)

If you give any of the suggestions a try, put a mindfulness meditation practice into place, have any questions, or would like my guidance, I invite you to send me a message.

Lastly, my dear friend, I want you to live the Brilliant Light of your Soul in 2020! I also want you to get clear on whose shadow(s) kept you from living the Brilliant Light of your Soul in 2019....

...So TAKE THE *FREE 3-MINUTE* Are You Stuck? Quiz and find out once and for all whose shadow(s) keeps your Brilliance hidden. Awareness will set You free :-)

Are you ready to make your to quantum leap into the freedom of possibilities that await you in 2020? Don't you want to create the life you'd most LOVE TO LIVE with greater clarity, confidence, and inner-peace...


Happy creating more meaningful mindfulness meditation moments in your everyday life. Here's the Pinterest board I curated today (HERE) – enjoy!


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