Stuck inside but not STUCK IN YOUR MINDSET! [+ 7 Simple Steps to Start a Meditation Practice

My dear friend,

I pray that you and your loved ones are well. These are scary and uncertain times for all of us. COVID-19 has disrupted an already uncertain and fragile state of our world.

I stand with you as we learn to navigate new norms, try to process an overload of ever-changing information, and feel the sense of anxiety that seems ever present.

Your mental health and overall wellbeing are important to me and now more than ever, I want to be a resource to help you mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually stay in your “right” rhythm.

I want to remind you that you are POWERFUL! You are more powerful than any virus. You are more powerful than any current circumstance. You are more powerful than any self-doubt or self-limiting beliefs you may have about what you can do and create.

One of the *best* personal development tools to jolt your *power back on* when the world seems to be short circuiting is to practice mindfulness meditation. (I’ve been practicing and teaching mindful meditation for years and have experienced and seen amazing personal transformations for myself and my clients!)

To help you stay in your “right” rhythm and shut out the chaos of the world, I’m sending you the link to my 7 Simple Steps to Start a Powerful Mindfulness Meditation Practice guide [+ I recorded a guided meditation for you to jumpstart your practice. Just sit back and listen!]

Here's access to the 7 Simple Steps to Start a Powerful Mindfulness Meditation Practice guide and recording:

I’m here if you’d like to connect with me for a *free* consultation while you’re at home pondering your life and dreaming of your *next* steps to ambitiously advance your dream career or boldly launch your dream business.

The possibilities of greater *freedom* are endless for you!

Love+Light, Ryane

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