Outcomes of Career Coaching: A REAL Case Study

Yesterday, I had the incredible opportunity to be a featured guest on Walmart's Home Office's "Wellness Week" panel focused on Career Health for its associates. This experience was truly an honor and a privilege!

The panel was moderated by Senior Director Thai Trower who is E.V.E.R.Y. bit of fabulous, Brilliant, a gem of a person and my new friend, and my panel mate was Coach Gunn who is a gifted and Brilliant motivator, wise beyond words and my new mentors. Yes! And Yes!

Thai asked thought provoking questions about the importance of having a career coach and when someone might need a coach. Coaching Gunn and I agreed that every single career-minded person will quantum leap their career trajectory by investing in a professional coach. Coaching is not ONLY for C-Suite executives, career crisis points and especially not as a "last ditch effort."

Coach Gunn's advice, "If you know yourself: when you know your vision, when you are ready to take yourself to the next level – that's when you need a coach."

Yeeeees! Agreed and agreed! Drop the mic!

A tidbit I shared was, "Look at Beyoncé, Serena, Oprah, or anyone that you admire, they didn't ascend to the heights of their careers alone, they are surrounded by coaches and support systems. What makes you think you need to go at your career alone?"

I think Coach Gunn and I share some p.o.w.e.r.f.u.l. information!

I woke up this morning and reflected on the panel experience... there was one more element I'd wished I'd shared to make coaching "real" for the audience...

Everyone wants to know, "Okay, but what’s really in it for “me” as the client? How will I tangibly grow through a coaching experience? What does it all mean in relation to my career advancement?"

...So I made this quick video to answer the most important questions for anyone interested in learning about coaching and whether or not coaching is an investment you might consider making for your career or entrepreneurial growth – what's in it for YOU! What are REAL OUTCOMES you can expect to experience?

Through a REAL INSPIRE client case study, here are three tangible outcomes (out of an infinite amount of possibilities) that I've personally seen in career coaching with my own clients:

- Awareness of what's lurking in your blindspots (and sabotaging your success).

- Personal growth opportunities.

- Greater accountability to yourself.

Enjoy! And remember, I'd LOVE to support you advance your career or build your dream business with clarity, confidence and inner-peace. Schedule your *complimentary* Breakthrough Strategy Session with me (here).

Love and Light,


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