Join Me for a Group Distant Energy Healing Reiki Session

Hello, my friend!

I have INVITATION for you: As a gift for a dear friend, I felt inspired to host a group distant Energy Healing Reiki session tomorrow (Monday 1/13) at 11:30 am EST for anyone who’d like to receive the healing benefits of Reiki.

What’s so cool is that you don’t have to do anything or be where I am. I do all the “work” and Energy is not bound by time or space... so, voila! You can meditate, drive your car, or be in a meeting as still receive the benefits.

An attendee suggested listening to a 528 hz meditation (which is known as the love frequency and the miracle tone). This is a wonderful relaxation tool and I highly recommend a meditation during the 45-minute session. You can find it here: Be sure to drink lots of water to flush out toxins from your system.

Want to join in? Please send me a reply email or leave a message on one of INSPIRE’s social Chanel’s. I have to know who I’m focusing the energy on 💓

See you Energetically tomorrow at 11:30 am EST!! 💓🧚🏽‍♀️✨



Thanks Getty Images 💓

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