Introducing Impostor Ines: Her Secret is OUT!

You've met my clients, Distracted Dionne and Waiting-for-Perfect Penelope. Today I want to introduce you to another high-achieving woman I work with Impostor Ines.

Ines carries a deep-seated secret: despite all the accolades she receives or the titles behind her name, she believes she's in a role she doesn't completely deserve or hasn't fully earned. Other people see her as high-achieving and as an expert in her field, which only compounds her fear of being discovered. Her worst fear is that people will figure out that she's a fraud.

Ines feels like her authentic self is inside of the fake facade that everyone has come to know as "her." Trapped inside, she can't seem to access or express the most genuine part of herself, yet she smiles, puts on her lipstick, and seamlessly plays the "part" that she's been assigned. All awhile, she's silently suffering feeling like she can't afford to explore her authentic side or to dream too big for the fear that she'll blow her cover.

Ines has come to me for help, support, and guidance. She wants to know, "How do I let go of the fear of being seen for who I am? How do actually not care about what other people think about me and do what I want to do? How do I show up authentically when I've been hiding who I am for so long?"

She experiences the white-noise of anxiety that hums steadily in the background that causes her to second guess herself, feel uncertain about her next steps or feel like she'll be caught not being smart enough.

This is a stifling experience. Under the beautifully polished veneer, Ines is exhausted, overwhelmed, and lost in her wondering when her authentic life is finally going to begin. When will she finally feel fully comfortable in her own skin?

Do you feel like you're hiding your authentic self behind the masks of I've got to be the smartest; I've got to be the best; I've got to work the hardest and expect least; I've got to hustle hardest and dream shallowest?

Do you fear that you'll be called out or caught not knowing the right answer or be able to provide the perfect solution?

Do you fear that your potential mistakes will gravely disappoint someone you love or prove that you're not "that" smart after all?

Take the FREE 5-question quiz that will powerfully shed light on which of the three shadows of Impostorism, Perfectionism or Distraction may be lurking in your blind spot and causing you to stay out of alignment with the Brilliance of your Soul.

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Ready to put a stop to the inner hide and seek game? Ready to stand in the radiant light of your Brilliance?

I believe you are worth it, and I can coach and teach you the scientifically-based and proven process I've created that is supporting 100s of high-achieving women shed Impostorism, Perfectionism, and FEAR and create their dream lives with greater clarity, confidence, and inner peace. You can too!

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