Have You Met Waiting-for-Perfect Penelope?

I would like to introduce you to a client of mine.

You may know her. You may be her. Her name is Waiting-for-Perfect Penelope.

She's one of the most brilliant women I know – she has great ideas and enthusiasm but lacks the clarity and the confidence to take action on her true dreams and goals.

My heart really goes out to her…

...She often says things about herself like, "I love my ideas, and I think that I can make a difference. I get that I *look like* I’m ready on paper, but I don't feel like I'm ready. Not ready enough to share my ideas with anyone. I feel overwhelmed just thinking about what someone might say about me or my ideas. I'll just to wait until it feels "right.'"

I asked her how waiting for the “right” time makes her feel, and she said, "It's really tough. I've worked all this time and spent all this energy doing what I was told was the 'right' thing to do. I did it all: I went to school. I got a good job. I went back to school. I got married. I had kids. I've done ALL OF THE THINGS that I was told to do, and I STILL FEEL like I'm not enough to live my own life. I'm grateful for all that I have, but I feel sad. I'm pissed. I feel stuck. I feel like I'm working myself crazy trying to be 'perfect' but really – I'm the only thing standing in my own way."

And then she shed tears. I gave her a hug. My heart hurts for her. She's so smart and talented.

As Waiting-for-Perfect Penelope waits for "perfect," she's also silently suffering as she watches her life, her time, and her dreams pass her by. She has a belief that she has to be "perfect" for people to take her seriously or to measure up to expectations. It causes her to hide how deeply hurt she is inside.

My heart breaks for her – she doesn't see what the world and I see in her – her Brilliance!

My dear friend, if this message resonates with you (i.e., you have tears in your eyes, you're irritated with me, or you have a quiet inner knowing that you've been seen), then this is where I can help Waiting-for-Perfect Penelope, and you, learn how to move past the limitations of "striving to be perfect" and start to take sustained actions towards creating your dreams and goals.

To support you break free from the shadow of Waiting-for-Perfect Penelope, I've created a proven system that can help you transform three key areas of your life:

Clarity: Get crystal clear on what you want to create – you can't create what you can't see.

Confidence: Cultivate your self-worth to navigate around fear so you can take sustained action on your goals.

Inner-Peace: Experience flow and ease. No more waiting and no more hiding behind "perfect."

In support of you igniting the Brilliance of your Soul, I've created a monthly online community for high-achieving women–women like you–who want more out of their lives, too.

It's called the Inner Circle! It's a Self-Love Movement for high-achieving women – specializing in women color. And it includes:

  • Support of a live professional coach, energy healer, and spiritual teacher and her Brilliance Team to teach you the proven *how to steps* to get out of your own way.

  • Mastermind wisdom of a judgment-free sisterhood of like-minded women all in alignment to help you grow and prosper and empower you.

  • 24/7 access to a private portal filled with simple and easy to use life-changing, powerful, and proven tools, techniques, and trainings at your fingertips.

  • A curated library and CliffsNotes of the best Masters, Gurus, and Thought Leaders of personal transformation, energy healing, and spiritual growth for you to learn and grow from without investing tons of your time and energy.

Learn a proven process that can support you let go of the weight of "perfection" and to practice allowing your *perfectly-imperfect self* the freedom to reach for her highest potential. Free yourself to live your Brilliance!

Inner Circle Membership is valued at $297 a month, BUT when you join the Inner Circle BEFORE March 1, 2020, you will take advantage of our *Friends and Family Launch* Price of an EASY TO SAY YES to $24 a month.

Also, when you join BY February 6, you will receive BONUS+BONUS+BONUS live sessions!!

MOVE QUICKLY ON THIS OFFER!! Price increases to $99 a month starting March 1, 2020. (But you’ll be locked in at $24 a mo.!)

Join and learn more here:


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