Have You Met Distracted Dionne

From the outside looking in, Distracted Dionne has it all together – success on the career front, relationships intact, and she seems to balance volunteer work with an occasional yoga class and a salad most days for lunch.

What no one knows about Distracted Dionne is that she struggles to accomplish her *biggest, boldest* dreams and goals because she's not sure where to start and cannot clearly see what she wants to create. Her uncertainty causes endless cycles of self-doubt and fear and feelings of overwhelm and low-energy.

Despite her best attempts at time-management, she always seems to be stuck "getting ready to get ready to take action."

Nothing seems to get done as quickly as she knows it could, and it's very, very frustrating.

Do you ever feel like Distracted Dionne, not knowing where to start on your dreams and goals?

Despite your many accomplishments, do you ever feel like your road to success is a never-ending uphill battle as you strive for your next *big* goal?

Does it feel like you're spending a lot of time and effort on the "right things" but not getting where you want to fast enough?

INTRODUCING: The Inner Circle!


- Part book club!

- Part sisterhood!

- Part strength-training for your mind-body-Soul and an accountability group all rolled into one!

All for an EASY TO SAY YES – $24 a month!

Inside the Inner Circle, you'll find:

* The support of a live professional coach, energy healer, and spiritual teacher and her Brilliance Team to teach you the proven *how to steps* to get out of your own way so you can stop questioning your Brilliance and start living it.

* The Mastermind Wisdom of a judgment-free sisterhood of like-minded women all in alignment to help you grow and prosper and empower you to feel affirmed and seen and connected as you streeetch and grow into your most Brilliant self.

* 24/7 to access a private portal filled with simple and easy to use life-changing, powerful, and proven tools, techniques, and trainings at your fingertips so you can stay in momentum *being and becoming* your best self.

* A curated library and CliffsNotes of the best Masters, Gurus, and Thought Leaders of personal transformation, energy healing, and spiritual growth for you to learn and grow from without investing tons of your time and energy reading and wondering how to apply your learning.

If you feel like Distracted Dionne's shadow is keeping you from igniting the Brilliance of your Soul, then I personally invite you to learn more about the Inner Circle community!

Join by February 6th for BONUS+BONUS+BONUS+BONUS!

Learn more and join the Inner Circle here!


Ryane Danielle LeCesne

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