Why Change is REALLY Hard!

Hey, there!

I hope you checked out yesterday’s video where I shared how getting to a point of clarity about what you truly desire in your heart can, at the very least, allow you to start thinking about the possibilities of living your fullest potential.

If you haven’t seen Part 1 yet, here’s the link!

It’s been an honor to support over 600 high-achieving women who deeply want to advance their careers or build dream businesses…

...But are trapped by Impostor Syndrome and Perfectionism mindsets. What I’ve noticed time and time again is that changing your beliefs about what’s possible for you is really hard. Even if you are undeniably clear about what you want, I’ve found that women who try to do the work on their own find themselves in the same position year-in and year-out…

...Left wishing and hoping they knew “how” to advance their careers or build a dream businesses rather than truly believing they can and taking consistent action towards achieving their goals.

Wishing and hoping are not advancement strategies. When your desires continue to elude you, it can be a source of shame, anxiety, frustration, and overwhelm.

If you find yourself feeling stuck looking to pursue another degree or certification, seeking another sponsor or mentor, or browsing Amazon for another personal development or business book, I made this video specifically for you.

In this video, I’ll reveal what’s lurking in your blind spot and slowing down your success. It may surprise you that what I share affects even the most confident, accomplished and competent high-achieving women.

I’m excited to share this information with you and to connect with you over the next few days. I hope you enjoy this video (here’s the link). Be sure to leave feedback and ask questions.

Love and Light!

Ryane Danielle LeCesne

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