Does Something Have to Change?

Hey, there!

Sometimes Mondays are hard. Not just because you don’t get to sleep in, but because going back to work can be uncomfortable. It could mean another week of suffering in a career that no longer suits or serves you…

...Despite your prestige and title at your company, you know you’re not living your fullest potential. Even though you’re going back to a “great job” and an office with a view, you know you’re ignoring your Divine assignment. Although you have the security of a paycheck, you know you’re turning a deaf ear to your inner-wisdom.

I know that when women like you--like us--ignore the desire to express our fullest potential, it can be a source of anxiety, guilt, discomfort, unhappiness, and ultimately, regret.

Whether you’re ready to make a change, you’re not sure if you want to make a change, or you’re afraid to rock the boat, I’ve made a special video for you.

In this video, I’ll show you how to connect with yourself so that the truth of who you are, the desires of your heart, and the way that your soul longs to express itself becomes undeniably clear. Clear enough to see it, describe it, visualize it, and eventually to experience it.

I’m so excited to share this information with you and to connect with each of you over the next week. I hope you enjoy this video (here’s the link). Be sure to leave feedback and ask questions.

Love and Light!

Ryane Danielle LeCesne

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