What Would You Toast to If You Were Your Own Best Friend?


Being the high achieving, high potential, high performing woman that you are, it's essential for me to remind you to "Reflect On" and "Celebrate" ALL that you have created every-once-in-awhile.

As a high achiever myself, I know the quicksand trap of, "Go! Go! Go!," all too well.

Too often women like us are so focused on, "Getting it done," that we forget to STOP for just a moment to take a long, deep, refreshing, nutritious breath and to celebrate all that we have created.

It may seem small, but taking intentional inventory of what you've accomplished, achieved and created every-so-often does wonders for your self-confidence and can be the fuel in your energy tank to keep you in momentum towards creating the life you'd most love to live.

A coaching question to ponder: - If you were your own best friend, what would you write on your list of accomplishments over the past 6 weeks?

Toasting you and your Brilliance!!

Love and Light! Ryane LeCesne

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