• Ryane D. LeCesne

Gloria Mayfield Banks and the "It" Factor


Gloria Mayfield Banks is one of my virtual mentors–I've met her several times in person, but most of my "learning" from her has been through her online platforms. Anyway... she's AMAZING! And in this short, powerful 4-minute video, Gloria speaks to the heart of activating and living your Brilliance.

Here's a quick tip and 6 essential coaching questions from Gloria to support you on your personal-transformation journey:

"Confidence is the 'it' factor. Your 'it' will grow with your courage. Because you have to have the choices to create your best self.

*What decision have you been unwilling to make?

*What conversation have you been unwilling to make?

*What phone call have you been willing to make?

*What goal have you been unwilling to set?

*Where are you unwilling to find the courage to jump up there, to drive you the confidence to yet another level?

"Eagles will fly alone but it doesn't have to be lonely."

*Where are you willing to go?" Yeeeeeeees, ma'am!

Drop the mic, ladies!! Please share your thoughts, feelings, and insights below.

Love and Light to you!

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