Do You Have An Action Plan For 2018?

A Goal Without A Plan Is Just A Wish!

Hello, and JOY to you!

Are you ready to make 2018 your best year yet? You may have a laundry list of goals and dreams you’d love to actualize in the coming year, but did you know that a list of goals isn’t enough to gain and maintain the traction you’ll need to take your life, career, or business to the next level?

2018 will be here in a blink of an eye and the closing weeks of 2017 is a perfect window for you to set your intentions, craft your goals, and create a personalized action plan to accomplish your dreams in the coming year.

I wish I could tell you that goal setting is as easy as writing a big, long list of your dreams. But the universal truth is: Your goals without a personalized action plan are your dreams waiting to die…

…and too many Brilliant dreams are hanging out in the graveyard! Momentum is KEY! In order for your goal setting efforts to be effective, powerful and successful, you MUST pair your intentions with an aligned, ongoing, and consistent action plan.

As a “Brilliance Activator,” I am 100% committed to supporting you design a clear action plan to get you on track to ensure that 2018 is your most productive, most joy-filled, most inflow, and most successful year yet!

This is why I’ve decided to create a special New Year’s offer – a *limited number* of 3-hour Personalized Intensive Planning Sessions (*recorded* so you can go back and listen to your planning process ... invaluable)!

Each Personalized Intensive Planning Session includes:

  • A Reflective Year-in-Review Assessment of 2017 to gain insight on:

  • What you’ve accomplished?

  • What’s left outstanding that you still want to accomplish?

  • What’s left outstanding that you’ve found you no longer desire?

  • A Personalized In-Action Plan designed and customized specifically to fit your dreams, goals, and priorities to serve as a roadmap for you to stay in-action and on course to achieve your goals and live your dreams – one week at a time.

This is the same planning process I use for both my business and personal life, and I’m excited to coach you integrate this powerful process into your own life.

I am able to make only a *few spots* available. You will be blown away by what can happen over the course of 3 hours together solely focused on you and your goals!

Ready to set yourself up to create real results and make 2018 your best year yet? Let’s get to work!

Curious? Have questions? Email me right away at [Subject: 2018 IN-ACTION PLANNING SESSION] for more information and to schedule one of the *few spots offered*.

Priced at just $597, these will go fast! Don’t make the mistake of getting caught in the quicksand waiting for the busyness of the holiday season to end before you design your 2018 plan of action.

It’s truly a pleasure for me to support your Brilliance and success in 2018 in this way!

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