[My Personal Story] How Do I Get the F@&% Out of Here?!

Does F.E.A.R. Have You Feeling Stuck, Trapped In the Quicksand?

Let me assure you, I know A LOT about F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) and how it can, and will, keep you feeling stuck, trapped in the quicksand waiting for perfect if you don’t learn to manage your thoughts and feelings!

Here's a very quick story:

One year ago this week, I faced and overcame one of my greatest business fears and actively quantum leaped myself up and out of the quicksand that had me trapped for months “waiting-for-perfect.”

As a business, INSPIRE was up and running: I had created a solid business platform, I had done ALL of the study, I had coached and supported many clients, and we were steadily growing… BUT, my self-confidence muscle as a “transformational leadership and life coach in business for herself” was on the weaker side.

I really struggled with standing in my personal-power and found it a challenge to share the great news about INSPIRE and the vision I had to support people make their own quantum leaps. Although I “knew” intellectually that INSPIRE was born out of my zone-of-Brilliance, my emotional and thought habits of fear, worry, uncertainty and doubt left me feeling paralyzed waiting for perfect before I felt “ready” to take my next “big, bold risk.”

On this particular Friday morning of November 2016, I decided, “Enough! You will send this email today!” You see, for months I had planned to send an email to a woman in my network who I really wanted to sponsor INSPIRE (to endorse and proactively share INSPIRE with her network of professional women).

In my eyes, this woman was larger than life – a TRUE icon. And who was I to send her an email to ask her to sponsor INSPIRE?

As I mentally prepared to send the email, I found myself totally overcome with the emotion of F.E.A.R. – I was truly experiencing what felt like the death grip of fear. For 45-minutes, I paced up and down my hallway sobbing and talking myself through all the fears I felt:

  • You’ll be exposed!

  • What will people say about you?

  • What if you embarrass yourself and your family?

  • What if she doesn’t get your vision?

  • What if people criticize you?

  • What if I’m not perfect enough to be the person in my vision?

  • And on, and on, and on…

…Until, by the grace of God, a book caught the corner of my eye, The Power of I Am, and I heard myself actively talking myself INTO DOUBT and OUT OF FAITH!

Now, remember I have spent over 10,000 hours studying and practicing self-development, and yet and still, I too am human. But I also know that I am a Spiritual-being in a human earth suit and that my Brilliance is a Divine gift from God - it is my sole responsibility to live it and share it!

Once I “caught” myself in the midst of the quicksand, I wiped my tears and worked myself through the INSPIRE Finesse School Quantum Leap 8-Step Process:

  • Identify, Know and Own Your Brilliance: Yes, I am CERTAIN I am in my zone-of-Brilliance.

  • Reframe Your Self-Limiting Beliefs: I shifted from “I can’t” to “I can – I am willing – I will.”

  • Prioritize Your Big, Bold Ideas: My main focus was to share INSPIRE with the world and this was a brave, bold step towards my goal.

  • Manage Your Energy: I cleared the voice of self-sabotage out of the way and I focused on my purpose.

  • Create Your “Right” Rhythm: I took the time I needed to draft the email, reread it, and send it.

  • Build My Brilliance Team: For months, with the support of my coach, I had taken great strides to build a solid foundation for my business and my skills as a coach, and despite the presence of F.E.A.R., I was very proud of what I’d created.

  • Quantum Leap Your Brilliance: Come hell or high water, I was determined to send that email that day!

  • Reflect and Celebrate Your Brilliance: Here’s the AMAZING ending to the story: remember, my “ask” of her was to sponsor INSPIRE. Well, after she and I had a face-to-face a few weeks later, she ENROLLED AS A CLIENT!!! And I had the opportunity to coach her through some very dynamic points in her life and career!

Here’s the point: In that moment, one year ago this week, the F.E.A.R. seemed so real, so consuming, so heavy… it almost kept me out of expressing my zone-of-Brilliance. And what if it had kept me locked out… so many beautiful people would have been without my gift to serve their Brilliance.

You too are a Spiritual-being in a human earth suit. You too have a Divine gift that is your Brilliance to share with the world. And your people are waiting for you to activate and live your Brilliance to support them live theirs. Don’t wait! Don’t walk! RUN towards your Brilliance despite whatever F.E.A.R. may be telling you!

Time and space are running out for you to take advantage of the Finesse School *Friends and Family* Launch Price of $247 for our 8-week one-to-one coaching program (valued at over $3,000 and regularly priced at $997).

Join Finesse School today and activate and live your Brilliance!

Here’s the video where I share my quantum leap story…

Love & Light to you!

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