Determined to Stay IN My Right Rhythm While IN the Chaos of a Cross Country Move!

I was just blessed with the gift of connecting with my bestie Kia - my adjustment to my *new* community in Bentonville, AR was a topic of conversation. For a person who has lived her ENTIRE life in her hometown with her family and besties a touch away, moving to a new distant land COULD have been daunting. It was so wonderful to reflect on my move in this safe conversation.

Here are a few reflective highlights that I hope inspire and support you as you “move into new spaces” in your own life:

  • I allowed myself the mental, physical and emotional time to prepare for my move. Micah moved in February and I moved in July. This may have seemed CRAZY to people😳 and I’m okay with that😉 I was determined to allow myself to be in my own right rhythm. I absolutely know in my mind, body, and Spirit that I didn’t leave a day too late or a day too early. I moved in perfect timing. Thank you, Micah for your partnership, extending your grace to me, and for granting me the ease of your love and space to blossom.

  • I moved “home”. After we found AMAZING renters for our condo, I moved in with my parents from March to July. I allowed myself to be nurtured (thanks, Brennie for the 3 home cooked meals a day), I spent tons of time with my parents (I am 38, so this did have its challenges - I’m just saying🤣), and I was determined to be present: because of the nature of my work, I spent most of the day outside on my computer, taking client calls, and totally engrossed in personal-development/metaphysical reading.

  • I spent time with my friends. We went to Philly for the Roots Picnic, to NY to celebrate Kia‘s amazing award, we traveled to Miami for an epic girls trip (baby in tow). I attended brunches and lunches, supported those in need, we had sleepovers and all-day pj parties, celebrated nuptials and celebrated life. To many of these events, I would have said, “No, money is too tight, I should be working, I’ll catch the next good time.” NOPE! Often times these statements are FEAR (false evidence appearing real). I swept the fog of those BS excuses out of the way and made a way for everything I desired!

  • I got pregnant!!! Micah and I had three AMAZING stay-cations in the best parts of DC on his work trips. We had great dates, we laughed, we loved, we lived, we MADE A BABY!

  • And so, so, so much more!!

The point is: I was determined to BE ME and IN MY RIGHT RHYTHM in the midst of all the chaos of change.

The other MOST IMPORTANT thing I did was lean into my coach Tara Sage. With her expertise and guidance, I didn’t have to process this major life change alone, or not process it at all. I had invested in a space with an EXPERT to keep me inspired, supported, and guided through it all.

This was no pie-in-the-sky transition, however, my inner intention of creating and staying in my right rhythm continues to pay off in dividends! Here’s me yesterday lunching with my Bentonville circle of love.

We create ourselves first in our minds and THEN on the physical plan.

My intention is that this reflection supports you create your right rhythm, to deeply listen to and honor your inner-self who knows you best and who is your greatest champion, and that you invest in the support systems you need to flourish and live your Brilliance.

Love and Light to you!

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