7 Scientific Facts That Will Keep You Stuck In the Quicksand of Perfectionism

Just because they're scientific facts, doesn't mean they have to rule your life!

Feeling stuck, trapped in the quicksand waiting-for-perfect - the "perfect" timing, the "perfect" feeling, the "perfect" circumstances... is part of the human experience.

Here are 7 scientific facts that affect us all. Left unmanaged, they will run, and perhaps ruin, your efforts to achieve your goals and dreams!

1. Your mind likes the familiar and will do everything it can to resist change.

2. Your mind responds to the pictures and words in your head regardless of what they are - the more persistent and personalized your thoughts, images, and words are, the more powerful they are... you create what you see in your mind.

3. Your mind does what you truly want whether that is to self-sabotage your efforts or to empower yourself to move forward.

4. 95% of your life is lived through the subconscious mind - your decisions, thoughts, feelings, and actions are rooted in your past experiences and previously held perceptions. You think you’re making an “independent choice”? Think again!

5. You are bombarded and consumed with over 60,000-80,000 thoughts a day. That’s nearly 1 thought per second 24/7.

6. 80% of your thoughts (8 out of 10) are fear centered and worry based. You are constantly comparing, contrasting, assessing, and judging yourself, others, and your environment. Fear dominates the uncontrolled human psyche.

7. 98% of your thoughts today are the exact same thoughts as your thoughts from yesterday. You have the record “Reliving Yesterday” in full rotation, on full blast, and on all the time. Potentially, you can live the same year over and over and over again!

These are scientific facts. Facts that are the same for you, for me, for the people you admire, and for the people you’d like to avoid. Science is science!

The question is: What can you do to help ensure that you: your thoughts, feelings, and actions, are not ruled by these facts?

The answer is: Learn to control your mind. Learn to identify, know, and own your Brilliance. Learn to stand in your light. And get yourself a leadership and life coach who is expertly trained to support you make your quantum leap up and out of the quicksand that keeps you from taking consistent action on your goals and dreams.

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Until we connect again, may you be inspired to reflect your Brilliance in all that you are! Love & Light to you!

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