[Quiz] Is Your Perfectionism Keeping You From Living Your Brilliance?

So what exactly is "perfectionism"?

It's a pervasive and persistent mindset of a person who desires success, but whose primary focus

is on avoiding failure, the pursuit of flawlessness, setting prohibitively high-performance expectations, excessive self-criticism, and placing a high level of emphasis on the evaluation of others. This causes a negative train of thought, feelings, and outcomes. Common symptoms are procrastination, depression, and a general lack of motivation and well-being.

Often times, a perfectionist might find herself left in a pool of self-shaming as she waits-for-perfect: the "perfect" circumstance, the "perfect" timing, the "perfect" level of confidence, the "perfect" idea, the "perfect" amount of education... before taking action on her goals and dreams. Her self-shame may be exacerbated by the feeling that she's wasted her precious energy and time. And yet, she can't seem to figure out how to maintain momentum towards her goal

You might have spent days, weeks, months, years, and even decades mentally planning your vision, shaming yourself for not taking action, and doubting if success is even possible. You might find that you compare your circumstances and constraints to the "ease" of the lives of others. You might have mounting responsibilities that seem to take all your time, mental capacity, and resources. And you may even experience a deep, unexplained sadness and frustration that you cannot seem to shake or break away from.

You may feel like shame, self-judgment, uncertainty, worry, self-doubt, and fear are your cross to bear. You likely feel like you are searching in a dark room grasping for the open door that is just out of reach. But there is a way out!

Join Finesse School today to learn once and for all how to quantum leap yourself up and out of the trap of perfectionism. Act on inspiration and live a life of Brilliance and joy!

Love & Light to you! Until we connect again, may you be inspired to reflect your Brilliance in all that you are!

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