Are you willing to allow yourself to experience joy in all areas of your life?

"In the face of so much evidence that life hurts and is fraught with adversity on all fronts, having a willingness to feel good and have life go well all the time is a genuinely radical act… However, going into your inner depths, where your most deeply held beliefs about what’s possible reside, counts in my book as a radical act. If we think it's even remotely possible to feel good all of the time and have life go well all of the time, we owe it to ourselves to find out how many of us can do it."

- Dr. Gay Hendricks

New York Times Bestseller & Author The Big Leap

What holds you back from experiencing joy in all areas of your lifestyle?

In Dr. Gay Hendricks’s book The Big Leap, he offers that the human condition is such that we are not truly accustomed to living in a state of happiness. He shares that we have lived many more millennia afraid of our environments and the lions that lurked outside of our caves than we have of the luxury and comfort of our everyday lives in 2017. He goes on to say that we each have a kind of thermostat inside of us that determines how much happiness we are willing to allow ourselves to experience.

By Dr. Hendricks’s theory that feeling good is new and that we have a set-point or threshold for happiness, it would make sense that, “…feeling good all of the time in all areas of our lives,” seems pretty out there, radical and nearly impossible.

Or is it?

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What if the areas in your life that cause you pain, hurt your feelings, frustrate you, worry you, cause you to feel uncertainty or fear, are trying to teach you something about your courage, your personal power, your willingness to show up and show out? What if you choose today, and keep on choosing over time, to say, “Get to stepping!” to what holds you back from living your Brilliance in all areas of your life all of the time?

If you found more courage, would you find more joy?

Here are a few transformational coaching questions inspired by Dr. Hendricks for you to “chew” on:

Set a timer for 10 minutes, close your eyes and ask yourself…

  • Am I willing to allow myself to spend more time feeling good everyday?

  • Am I open to increasing my positive feelings in all areas of my life?

  • Am I willing to feel good about my entire life and to allow my life to go well all of the time?

  • Are you willing to take a quantum leap in your life and to create the lifestyle you’ve always envisioned by Activating Your Brilliance?

Write down all of the thoughts, feelings and images you experienced during this exercise. As a way to hold yourself accountable to make the changes you want to create in your life, I encourage and invite you to send your notes to me! I'd love to hear your thoughts and perspective : )

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