Out of Nothingness Lies Infinite Possibilities- A Personal Reflection on Live Your Brilliance™ Step

Out of Nothingness Lies Infinite Possibilities: A Personal Reflection on Live Your Brilliance™ Step #8 – Celebrate & Reflect Your Brilliance

Wow! What a journey the past two years have been? I shared with Sunday’s V.I.P. Master Class guest that September (2014) is the month that INSPIRE Brand Consulting was officially born into business and I launched into becoming an entrepreneur.

In recognition that all of Life is Divinely Designed (even & especially in the eye of the storm), the 8th step of INSPIRE’s Live Your Brilliance framework is “Celebrate & Reflect Your Brilliance” (in another post, I’ll share the quantum leap story about the developments of steps 7 & 8!).

The 8th step – Celebrate & Reflect, is key to a success-centered mentality and a Brilliance-reflecting lifestyle. I’m excited and honored to share an “In A Blink Of An Eye” self-awareness reflection and celebration I experienced yesterday that represents a QUANTUM LEAP FOR INSPIRE AND ME!

Situational Context:

Out of nothingness lies infinite possibilities. - Quote by: Everyone Who Gets This Life-changing Reality!

Two days after to biggest event in INSPIRE’s history and my professional career, my intention yesterday was to *look over all of my preparation (notes, designs, more notes…) leading up to the VIP Master Class event. As I was reorganizing, I “stumbled upon” an organizational flow chart I’d designed to map out the event’s purpose…. (image above).

I invest heavily (thousands of $$) and wisely in “my” business coach - Tara Sage Steeves. My relationship with Tara serves two main functions: 1. I am strengthening and quantum leaping my skills as an entrepreneur! 2. I am “apprenticing” under the phenomenal creator of “Create Your Life!” who is 100% in my “tribe,” understands the vulnerability required to “show up” everyday as your most authentic self, and who champions me to MAKE AND CREATE QUANTUM LEAPS in my business and in my life = my lifestyle (SCARY, right?!)

With this context set, here’s the “Ah-ha Moment”…

Several months ago, I participated in a laser coaching call Brilliantly facilitated by Tara. One of my business intentions for INSPIRE (2016) was to do more group facilitation. During the call I listened intently and took copious notes on the language Tara used, the format used to introduced her topics… This is what this looked like:

Tara: I invite everyone to become present in this moment; to stop all multitasking and come into yourself. Looking inward, knowing that without distraction…

Me: Typing what Tara is saying for my future reference - Of course!

“VIP Master Class Reflection Ah-ha Moment” (I just got the chills and tears of joy are welling!): As you can see in the image above, one of my objectives in the event planning process was to “Listen to Tara.” Simple. Easy. Clear.

However, “Context Is King!” This statement meant: Replay the recording of Tara’s group coaching call to "re-map out how Tara strategically approached” the conversation. All fine and good - I am paying Tara as my mentor coach/consultant… I intended to use my support system and investment wisely ✓

Here it is: DRUMROLL *On my call with Tara the Tuesday before the VIP event, I was sharing with her that I have become self-aware that I use my “smarts” (my +10,000 hours of study in personal development, the over 100 books I’ve read in the topic of leadership and personal change, my comfort as a “teacher in front of the class,” my love for INTELLECTUALIZING personal growth) to protect me from being vulnerable in front of an audience. In the “raw," this was stated much less articulately, and quickly moved on to all of the INTELLECTUAL leadership tools I was going to TEACH my VIP attendees.

Brilliant Tara caught me hiding in the shadow of my fears, and said: Your people need to know you, Ryane. They need to know where you are coming from – that you have been in the PIT, that you personally know the struggle people feel when they live lives that are disconnected from their Voice, their Purpose, and that you identify with the emotional baggage of knowing that they are living lifestyles too small for their Brilliance. You are in the arena with your people. You are them and they are you, and your story, how you pulled yourself out of the quicksand is the only way you’ll connect with those you desire to support as they do the same in their lives. You showing up, you being vulnerable, you sharing your story – that’s how you connect with your people.

If you could have seen my stunned face on the other end of the line - it was frozen between a “your-caught” smile, shock and dazed - all in one expression. Tara wants me to share my story - What is my story?

Silence… Out of nothingness lies infinite possibilities.

I believe…

- I believe that our lifestyles are the reflection of either our Brilliance or our limitations.

- I believe that too many of us know that we are being called to do more with our time, talents and treasures then we are currently giving ourselves permission to reflect in our lifestyles.

- I believe that too many of us are hiding behind the veil of “perfection, fear, uncertainty and doubt.”

- I believe that too many of us are leading by our “smarts” – my intellectualization of personal change, rather than leading with our Brilliance – our purpose and our strengths.

- I believe that with the “right” support systems and mentalities, we can create lifestyles worthy of our Brilliance.

- I am in the arena with my “tribe,” and this is what I believe.


*This is MY VOICE!



Listen to Tara… Not go back and re-listen, not go back and re-play the message that is ALREADY WITHIN ME. Just because I “hadn’t yet found my Voice” or because it felt “too big to commit to, too scary, and too bold to actualize,” didn’t mean that it wasn’t there here within me all along – waiting for me to discover My Brilliance!

It took the confluence of my deep, unwavering commitment to show up for INSPIRE, my “tribe” and me even when (mostly when) I didn’t know “how,” and the compassion of my support system to invite me to make, take and create my quantum leap – the Voice my coach, Tara.

And: I DID IT! I bravely stood in the arena with my “tribe” and… Out of nothingness lies infinite possibilities. I “listen[ed] to Tara!”

It’s been 37 years that I’ve been committed to my “winding staircase,” and I thank God I “Listen[ed] to Tara!”


Thank you all for your support, love and championing of INSPIRE and me! I thank God for each of you!

Ryane D. LeCesne

September 15, 2016


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