A Simple Story of Becoming Present

At about 3:30 this afternoon Cooper and I went out for a walk, which really meant I took a break from my desk to allow poochie to relieve himself outside only to quickly return back to my desk.

Cooper, totally present in his world, enjoyed the sights and smells of the afternoon. I on the other hand, turned up the volume on my self-sabotage radio and started to beat myself up: “Oh, my goodness, it’s so gorgeous outside; I should be out here exercising and enjoying the amazing weather. I can’t believe I’m wasting God’s gift of beauty. I should… I haven’t… I can’t believe…”

Then I stopped and I leaned into my ever present, anytime, anywhere tool to create insta-mindfulness. I took three deep, long breaths. I inhaled the beauty of the afternoon and exhaled the negativity I was causing in my world.

As soon as I stopped resisting myself being myself, I looked up and said, “I am outside enjoying this gorgeous day - I am already here. I am present to God’s gifts. I am on a walk.” And guess what, Cooper and I went on a real walk for 30 whole minutes!

It’s with great passion that I share this small yet vulnerable story with you. Every moment of everyday, we have “choice” - the choice to allow our thoughts to empower us or to deteriorate us, the choice is always ours to make. That choice determines our subsequent emotional state, our actions and ultimately our results every moment of everyday.


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