What Is Your Stone?

Last week on Facebook, a friend posted TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford’s tribute to her late husband Frank Gifford (Pro Football Hall of Fame 1977) – (view here). At minute 4:20, the tribute turns from a loving message to a message of inspiration: a reminder that we have been created, “With talents, goals and dreams for our lives.”

Several years ago, the Giffords traveled to the Holy Land’s Valley of Elah - the site where shepard boy David cast his stone and triumphed over the giant Goliath. Kathy shares that Frank was forever changed by this experience. He took home several stones as a reminder of the gifts he had been given by the Creator. He started to give his children stones as gifts with the challenge of, “What is your stone, and where are you going to throw it?”

This question continues to resonate with me, and is the core of Inspire Brand Consulting’s (INSPIRE) mission – to inspire its clients to answer:

  • What is my stone: gifts, talents and dreams?

  • How do I begin to identify my stone?

  • What is stopping me from living my life to the fullest?

  • Where will I cast my stone to make a positive difference in the world around me?

INSPIRE's stone is to guide and support you as you strategically build your personal brand, polish your leadership presence skills, and cast your stone.

Contact INSPIRE for more information on how to find your stone.

*Join in! Find a stone, write down your goal or mission, and share your stone with the Inspire Brand Consulting Facebook Twitter Instagram communities.*

Be Inspired!

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