Resolutions Made Easy!

My copy of small move, big change: using microresolutions to transform your life permanently arrived in the mail just after New Year’s Day. As with all self-empowerment books, I like to call them - rather than self-improvement, I couldn’t and still can’t wait to be “fixed!”

My father taught me to, "Always begin a book by reading through the table of contents. Never skip the prologue, the preface or the introduction, Ryane.” As the host of the INSPIRE Women’s Book Talks, not only did I read the preface and the introduction, but the true educator within me comes out: I am armed with a pad of yellow stickies for notes, a legal pad clipped to a clipboard for extra stability to capture my insights, a highlighter for the good parts and four different color pens each having its own purpose for note taking… and I’m all set to get “fixed.”

This is a book that one MUST start reading at the preface. Skipping it would be like eating only the cone of an ice-cream cone - you’d miss all the good stuff! Caroline L. Arnold introduces us to “Why Resolutions Fail.” And, if you are like me, you may LOVE to set goals, write checklists, sometimes write tasks on the checklist that you’ve already completed just to strike them off… ahhhh… the satisfaction of checking off already accomplished goals. Yet, am I really accomplishing my resolutions?

Caroline asserts that as we make our resolutions, “we expect to fail.” Fortunately for us, she also offers hope, a wee ray of light appears in the form of three essential questions:

  • What if instead of failing annually at our New Year’s resolutions, we made strategic and targeted resolutions year-round that were guaranteed to succeed and transform us permanently?

  • What if our resolutions brought us immediate rewards, raised our self-awareness, and energized our self-improvement efforts?

  • What if every time we made a resolution we actually expected to succeed?

Caroline also boldly makes a promise, that after reading small move big change, the reader will have the tools to make a profound and permanent paradigm shift: “You will learn how to succeed instead of fail; indeed, you will learn to expect success.”

Oh Caroline, where have you been all my life? If I had the answers to these daunting questions and set resolutions with the expectation of success, I’d be done with my checklists and taking a holiday in Maldives with hubby!

Take the journey of small move, big change with me and other INSPIRE women who are excited to acquire the skills and to support one another as we embrace a paradigm shift - to expect success! I’ll be posting my thoughts and insights on the INSPIRE blog as they develop through my personal experience “using microresolutions to transform your [my] life permanently!”

Join INSPIRE for its free Women’s Empowerment Book Talks event Sunday, January 25 featuring Caroline L. Arnold’s book small move big change. Click here to RSVP!

♥ Ryane D. LeCesne

P.S. What’s your New Year’s resolution? Leave a comment below! Mine is to wake up earlier to allow myself to maximize more of my day.

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