Planning Your Child's Educational Journey is Part of Your Professional Brand

Planning your child’s educational journey is paramount to your success in the workplace - in and out of the home!

As the educator Elizabeth Stone eloquently states, "Making the decision to have a child - it is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body,” This is a powerful image. It clearly depicts the pull and demand for parents to have or create a clear direction for their children, to make choices greater then themselves, and to put their children's needs before their own. However, like all things in the adult world, this picture is paradoxical: a concept, statement or idea that contradicts itself.

In all markets, especially the Washington DC area, often times we “adults” are working to capacity to earn a living to provide our families with options and opportunities. "Working" most often also means spending time outside of the home and having to heavily collaborate and rely on schools to support the instillation of our home values into the mind's and heart's of our children.

This is the juncture where a brand strategist can be a tremendous asset in creating the platform and the venue for parents to engage in dialogue to gain the critically needed information to plan his or her child’s educational journey. If professionals, executives, entrepreneurs or the stay-at-home-parent whose career is developing his or her family's brand are expected to not only function at work, but must make a living that translates into opportunities for their children, you better believe a parent's comfort, satisfaction and relationship with a school is paramount to one's "professional" brand and one’s ability to maximize his or her state-of-mind in the workplace.

CNN's 2011 iReport “How to Choose a School for Your Child” (article linked here) gives good insights to the struggles parents have in identifying an appropriate child-school match. The article also provides a great how-to checklist of things to consider during the process.

Over the past serval years, I have worked closely with Theodra Washington of the MEC Group collaborative. She is Washington DC’s educational-guru. In addition to further discussing the issues raised in the article, Theodra will provide insights on looking closely at your family’s structure: What support systems have you established that will assist you in your decision making process? What family values or structures do you have in place that will bring balance to your child's whole development throughout his or her educational journey? What needs or desires do you have as a parent that will enhance your child’s education?

Join Inspire Brand Consulting, LLC. for its upcoming community brunch event focused on the topic of "Planning My Child's Educational Journey” with Washington DC’s educational-guru Theodra Washington. The workshop’s environment is guaranteed to be an intimate, engaging, collaborative and safe space to gain key insights on how to proactively and positively chart your child’s educational path. Although the work can be scary, you don’t have to go at it alone. Be empowered to informed choices for your child’s educational success!

To find out more information about the "Planning My Child's Educational Journey" event and to register for the event, visit

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