Art of Visioning Workshop

There are 22 fabulous inspired ladies who have each unleashed her potential to manifest her goals through The Art of Visioning. At the Inspire Brand Consulting, LLC. first Art of Visioning Workshop we...

Laughed!!! - A LOT!

Discussed the power of our paradigms, the importance of having the "correct" mental map, and that the path to changing a habit, your character and thus your destiny is by reconstructing your everyday structure with techniques such as creating a vision board and spending focused time visioning yourself accomplishing your goals.

We "unpacked" the essence of visioning and shared the approach G.R.A.B.S. as a tool to deeply reflect on our life's purpose in preparation for creating an effective vision board.

And, with bottomless mimosas in hand!, we created our own vision boards!!

A super, special, I-am-so-happy-to-have-spent-the-afternoon-with-you! "thank you" to each fabulous inspire-lady who attended the 2nd Inspire Sunday Brunch: The Art of Visioning!! It was an absolute delight to spend the time with you and deepening (and starting) our sister-friend relationships. I am still on a high from your energy, positive awareness of yourselves and your obvious capacity to simply be AWESOME!

A peak into my fabulous Spelman-sister Mikia's thoughts on the Inspire Brand Consulting, LLC. (Inspire Sunday Brunch): The Art of Visioning, and for a hoot of a time, checkout her oh-so-hot blog haute mama in the city!


♥ Ryane D. LeCesne

To view all of the gorgeous photos from Sunday's Brunch click here!

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