What’s the #1 KILLER of dreams+goals?

Hello, my friend.

Want to know the #1 killer of dreams and goals?

It' FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real). FEAR can keep you feeling stuck, trapped, and playing smaller than your purpose, mission, and vision for your life.

FEAR parades around in all kinds of masks: FEAR of failure, FEAR of success, FEAR of more responsibility, FEAR of not being able to live up to falsely set standards, FEar of limitation, FEAR of freedom, FEAR of possibility, and even the FEAR of joy. ("Do I really deserve to be that happy?" FEAR LOVES to project this false evidence as appearing real.)

The human mind (with its non-stop 70,000 thoughts a day/all day long + 80% of our thoughts being FEAR-based) is hardwired to believe all the crazy FEAR thoughts and feelings you can possibly create (think–infinite). You're hardwired to create FEAR, self-criticize, and feel uncertain about your dreams and goals to ambitiously advance your career or boldly launch and grow your dream business.

FEAR is part of the human design meant to keep you safe from taking harmful "risks." Without personal-mastery over your thought+emotional habits, even if the "risks" are aligned with your most burning desires, FEAR can be too believable for you to sustain action towards your biggest, boldest dreams and goals.

What separates the 5% who doggedly stay committed to their dreams and goals isn't that they don't experience FEAR; we all do. It's that some people have learned the essential mindset tools that allow them to keep pushing through FEAR to the other side where freedom, possibility, and your Brilliance live and are waiting for you to find and claim what is already yours.

I've found that for high-achieving women of color, the "shadow" mindsets of Impostorism, Perfectionism, and Distractionism are extremely crippling of our precious energy, dreams, and goals.

Every person I work with wants to know, "How do I make myself take action on my dreams and goals when they scare and overwhelm me and seem both clear and vague at the same time?"

How? How? How?

"How" is critical, but it's not the first step to solve your problem. Identifying the problem is. You must become conscious of the "shadow" mindsets that hold you back from taking sustained actions on your deepest desires.

Here's the link to a *free* 5-question personal assessment I've created to help you identify whose "shadow" keeps you feeling trapped outside the freedom, possibility, and your Brilliance that are all yours for the taking!

You'll get your results immediately! I highly recommend that once you take the *free* quiz and read your results that you amp up your commitment to your dreams and goals by sending me an email about the insights and ah-ha moments you discovered about yourself.

I look forward to hearing from you!



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