7 Simple Steps to Start a Powerful Mindfulness Meditation Practice 

Did you know that a 5-minute mindfulness meditation practice can:

  • Significantly lower the levels of all stress hormones in your body.

  • Lower your blood pressure and heart rate to healthy levels.

  • Bring instant calm and peace to an overtaxed and under-nurtured mind, body and spirit in a matter of seconds.

  • Be as easy as closing your eyes, becoming aware of your breathing and sitting for 5 minutes!

Does your lifestyle include a mindfulness meditation moment?

As the world, life, and outside forces demand so much of your time, attention and energy, be sure to take care of your mental health and energy body.

With you and your mental, physical and spiritual health top of my mind and heart, I've created a guided meditation for you to listen to (on repeat) to help you stay grounded and at peace.

Include your name and email address, and you'll receive immediate access to my 7 Simple Steps to Start a Powerful Mindfulness Meditation Practice [+ I recorded a guided mindfulness meditation I created especially for you]!

Namaste – the Light in me sees the Light in you.



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