⇸ Despite your many accomplishments, do you ever feel like your road to success is a never-ending uphill battle as you strive for your next big goal?


⇸ Do you feel the pressure to make a pivot in your life but you don't know where to start, you're not clear on your vision or you question if you have what it "really takes" to take a leap of faith?


⇸ Does it ever feel inauthentic to hold titles and degrees and have people celebrate you and yet feel disconnected from your life's purpose and meaning?

⇸ Do you feel isolated and alone and in search of a safe space to discover what it means to be and become the best version of yourself imaginable?



* The support of a live professional coach, energy healer and spiritual teacher and her Brilliance Team to teach you the proven *how to steps* to get out of your own way so you can stop questioning your Brilliance and start living it. 


* The Mastermind Wisdom of a judgment-free sisterhood of like-minded women all in alignment to help you grow and prosper and empower you to feel affirmed and seen and connected as you streeetch and grow into your most Brilliant self.


* 24/7 access to a private portal filled with simple and easy to use life-changing, powerful, and proven tools, techniques, and trainings at your fingertips so you can stay in momentum *being and becoming* your best self.

* A curated library and CliffsNotes of the best Masters, Gurus, and Thought Leaders of personal transformation, energy healing, and spiritual growth for you to learn and grow from without investing tons of your time and energy reading and wondering how to apply your learning.


INNER CIRCLE: INSPIRE's Transformational Mindset Coaching, Energy Healing & Spiritual Growth Membership Program


Join the Inner Circle at the

Friends and Family Launch Price of an

EASY TO SAY YES TO $24 a month!

*Membership is valued at $297 a month*

HURRY UP AND JOIN! Price increases to $99 a month

starting March 1, 2020 but you'll be *LOCKED IN at $24*



It's Part Book Club

Each month we’ll focus on a specific book chosen book from Ryane’s vast library. It’s “recommended” that you read the book, but the beauty is that you don’t have to. On our once a month members’ only video/teleconference, Ryane will provide you with the CliffsNotes and teach you how to simply integrate the powerful insights, tools, and processes taught by the author into your own life. You'll read, learn and grow from the Masters, Gurus, and Thought Leaders of personal transformation, energy healing, and spiritual growth without investing lots of your time, energy and effort PRICELESS!

It's Part Sisterhood

There is enormous power and a deep sense of security when a woman finds her place in a safe, judgment-free community where she is allowed to show up without her mask, superwoman cape, and six-inch heels. The Inner Circle community is a safe haven for high-achieving women, specifically designed for black women, to grow and thrive personally and spiritually as sisters who share in a movement with other Brilliant Souls. Only Love+Light allowed – PRICELESS!

It’s part strength-training for your mind-body-Soul and an accountability group rolled into one

Once a month (at a minimum – membership has its benefits and they’re lots of bonuses and gifts!), you’ll connect with Ryane and the wisdom of our community through a private portal and be led through a powerfully designed personal transformation, energy healing and spiritual growth experience all from the comfort of your home, in your pjs, in front of your computer. Membership is designed to easily fit into your lifestyle and includes a free app and a private Facebook group to keep you connected and in momentum – PRICELESS!


Ryane has the ability to ask insightful and tough questions that pinpoint patterns that aren't helpful and to really hone in on building a toolkit for success. It's not just a script she's reading from, she's doing deep on-the-spot analysis of the situation in each session--It has been invaluable.

—  Christina, Marketing & Design



Early Bird Members (join before February 6th) receive BONUS + BONUS + BONUS + BONUS!


Each month Ryane will share simple ways to add the tools from the Masters, Gurus, and Thought Leaders of personal transformation, energy healing, and spiritual growth to your lifestyle – PRICELESS!


You’ll belong to a sisterhood that embraces the whole of who you are and is masterfully designed to empower and support you to be and become the best you imaginable – PRICELESS!


Connect 24/7 with the support, accountability, friendships, and the Mastermind wisdom of the community, and have direct access to Ryane, her tools, and her Brilliance Team – PRICELESS!


Once you’ve ignited the Brilliance of your Soul and learned the wisdom (art) and knowledge (science) of personal transformation and self-healing (Self-Love), your alignment with your Soul can never be taken from you – this is Personal Freedom – PRICELESS! PRICELESS! PRICELESS!



Personal Growth

Learn to simple, applicable and powerful personal development tools to ignite the Brilliance of your Soul.


Dispel the belief that change has to be lonely and hard and surround yourself in the Wisdom of like-minded women.

Self Love

The more you practice Self-Love, the more the Brilliance of your Soul shines – learn to love yourself fully.


What’s Inside of the Inner Circle Membership?

Inner Circle Sessions: Once a month, you’ll connect with Ryane and Inner Circle members via video/teleconference from the comfort of anywhere you’d like to be. 


 Book of the Month: Ryane will teach the tools, frameworks and insights from the Masters, Gurus, and Thought Leaders of personal transformation, energy healing, and spiritual growth.


 Designed for your lifestyle:

  • On the spot Laser Coaching to get you unstuck and in alignment with your Soul.

  • Live Q&A to answer your questions about “How to get out of your own way by adding a proven evidence-based process to ignite the Brilliance of your Soul?”

  • Guided mindfulness meditations focused on self-Love, manifestation, abundance, joy, inner-wealth, and wellbeing.

  • Tools and techniques to easily integrate (or deepen) your mindfulness meditation and wellbeing practices into your everyday lifestyle.


 Ryane will share everything she’s got: Transformational Mindset Coaching, Holy Fire Reiki II, Mindfulness Meditation, Chakra Balancing, Healing Crystals, Hypnosis, "Insights" (wisdom oracle card readings), BeliefClearing™ Method, Esthetics, Aromatherapy, and so much more all focused on your personal growth and transformation.


When does the Inner Circle Membership start?

⇸ The moment you register! 

 Once you join the Inner Circle, you have full access to all of the content:

  • The current and past books of the month

  • Access to the private Facebook group

  • Support from Ryane and her Brilliance team and the Mastermind wisdom of our inner tribe.

  • +Lots of *bonuses* – guided meditations and visualization, mini-courses and more!

  • Access to special *members-only* events

  • Discounts on private coaching programs, online course, and masterclasses

When is the *Kick-off* for the first Inner Circle Sessions?

The Inner Circle *Kick-off* Session is Tuesday, February 25 at 9 pm EST via video conference technology.

How do I know what the book of the month is?

⇸ Join the Inner Circle and you’ll find out the *book of the month* – it’s AMAZING!!

How will I gain access after I register?

⇸ Inner Circle Membership access is through a private secure online portal. Once you join, you’ll immediately receive an email with your personal password and login information.

⇸ You can even access the portal through the free Kajabi app!

What’s the refund policy?

⇸ There’s no need for one. You are able to cancel your membership anytime by deactivating your account within the portal. Since this is an all-inclusive, immediate-access program, there are no refunds and all sales are final if you choose to withdraw from the program. You are always welcome back. 

How does the Friends and Family Launch Price work?

We are fanning the flames of the Self-Love Movement during the month of February! As a gift to you, Ryane is offering Inner Circle Membership (valued at +$297 a month) at the Friends and Family Price of an EASY TO SAY YES TO $24 a month. On March 1, 2020, your monthly price of $24 a month will be grandfathered in and the regular membership price will increase to $99 a month. If you cancel your membership, you're always welcome back and will reenroll at the membership price at the time of re-enrollment. 


What is the privacy policy?

 Every member of the Inner Circle is required to read, agree to and strictly adhere to the following privacy agreement:

  • I understand that by joining the Inner Circle, I am joining a membership program focused on the personal growth and development of each of the group members.

  • I understand that as a member is the Inner Circle it is my responsibility to hold confidential all matters pertaining to the Inner Circle, its content and teachings, and the information of its members.

  • I understand that the sessions are recorded and shared only with the members via the private Inner Circle portal.


 INSPIRE Brand Consulting, LLC. is committed to privacy and will not sell, rent or give your name, address, or other personal information to anyone.

What if I have questions that are not addressed in the program?

⇸ Ryane and her Brilliance Team are always here to support you – you're encouraged to connect with Ryane, her team, and the Inner Circle community through the members’ only Facebook page. You’re also invited to schedule a complimentary strategy call with Ryane.

What if I want to go deeper than the program goes?

⇸ Ryane is here to support you illuminate the Brilliance of your Soul and invites you to schedule your *Complimentary* Breakthrough Strategy Session to support you clarify your dreams and goals and share her many private coaching programs, online and in-person masterclasses, and energy healing session offerings to get you unstuck and in alignment with your Soul.

I'm here to support you get you off the fence and into action! Book your 15-minute exploratory call with me to answer your questions. I look forward to connecting with you and seeing you in the Inner Circle!

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