Impostor Phenomenon is a persistent, pervasive and deeply personal way an individual views herself and her accomplishments as being phony and undeserving of recognition. It’s a self-limiting belief that you are unworthy of your success (that your success is due to luck rather than a result of your hard work, discipline and special talents). This belief can cause you to downplay your accomplishment and produce an inner sense that you do not belong or are a fraud. The feelings and symptoms often associated with Impostor Phenomenon are anxiety, perfectionism, self-doubt, and a fear of failure.


If you experience Impostor Phenomenon, you most likely suffer in silence ruminating over the tiniest mistakes and go to extreme measures to hide any personal flaws. You may experience life with the deep-seated worry that if you reveal your weaknesses, you'll be seen as incompetent and exposed for not really being as smart as people make you out to be.


Impostor Phenomenon is a mindset shared among many high-achieving and highly- driven women. Although you may have worked your way through undergrad and toiled through grad school and have received accolades along the way, you may secretly doubt that you’re “all that special.”


Impostor Phenomenon can have an especially gripping hold on a person as she challenges herself to take on a new or challenging role, transitioning from one type of career to her “dream job,” or starting a new venture like starting a business or going back to school – I mean if I can do XZY, with a lot work and luck, can’t everyone? Who am I to write a book; no one cares about my little perspective? Who am I to leave the security of my 9-to-5 to start my dream business; that seems stupid and risky?


The feelings of Impostor Phenomenon (anxiety, perfectionism, self-doubt, and a fear of failure) can feel so real that they keep you playing small, hiding your light, or have you walking on eggshells hoping you don’t get caught as a fraud and sent home with your tail between your legs.


In short, Impostor Phenomenon can keep you stuck in the quicksand waiting for “perfect” rather than living your life with clarity, confidence and peace. By activating and living your Brilliance, by leaning into who you truly are, you can combat the false illusion of Impostor Phenomenon and create the life you’d most love to live!

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