Do Impostor Syndrome and Perfectionism keep you

chained to a job you hate?

I still have a little impostor syndrome... that you're actually listening to me.

- Michelle Obama

Eager to break free of the chains

that hold you hostage from

advancing your career or

building your dream business?

It was tough for me to stop being Venus and become the person I am... One day I just said to myself, I'm not Venus. I'm Serena...

- Serena Williams

Ready to step up with courage, clarity and confidence, and finally gain momentum on your big, bold dreams and goals?

I have written 11 books, but each time I think, 'uh oh, they’re going to find out now. I’ve run a game on everybody, and they’re going to find me out.'

- Maya Angelou

Frustrated, do you ask yourself...

...What’s holding me back?

...Why can't I figure this out?

...Why isn't this working for me?

...What's wrong with me?

Take the FREE quick 5-question quiz

Shine a spotlight on your “shadow mindsets” –– the ones that are keeping you stuck, uninspired, plateaued, burnt out, unclear, bored, or doubting yourself about "how" to advance your career or build your dream business.


Ready to break the chains of Impostor Syndrome and Perfectionism that hold you and your dream career or business hostage?


 You will walk away with:  

  • A spotlight on the shadow mindsets that have kept you feeling stuck, trapped, plateaued, burnt out, unclear, and doubting yourself for far too long.

  • Insights into your unique persona and approach to life.

  •  The exact next steps you can take today to advance your career or build your dream business.


Take the quiz to receive your immediate results. 


Cheering you on!

♥︎ Ryane Danielle LeCesne

It's time for you to...

✓ Stop secretly feeling like an imposter, doubting your qualifications, experience, or deservedness.

Move forward with newfound confidence and put your ambitions into action.

​✓ Stop waiting for "perfect" before taking action on your dream career or business.

Quiet the status quo distractions that drown out your purpose, passions, and potential.

​✓ Stop feeling overwhelmed or held hostage by the inner critic and finally step fully into your purpose. [The world needs you to step up, now!]

​✓ No longer need to try to figure this out all by yourself.


It's no coincidence you found your way here. It is time to answer the call of your inner wisdom, beckoning YOU to RISE…

Just like moons and like suns,

With the certainty of tides,

Just like hopes springing high,

Still I rise.

   - Dr. Maya Angelou

YOU CAN ADVANCE your career or BUILD your dream business WITHOUT feeling like an IMPOSTER!

 Break the chains of Imposter Syndrome and Perfectionism that have kept you hostage and playing smaller than who you’re meant to be? 

Stop downplaying your strengths and start strategically leveraging your skills and credentials to further your success and create the momentum you need to advance your career or build your dream business?


End the exhaustion and overwhelm that has kept you distracted from fulfilling your life's purpose so you can experience more freedom, flow and fun in your life?

I will help you...

Get crystal clear and in alignment with your burning desires.

Step up as a professional to ask for that raise, raise your hand for the next project or promotion, find a new higher-paying position, or launch or grow that side hustle.

Learn the exact "How-tos" to” grow your entrepreneurial mindset and step into your role as “the boss” of your world-class business.

Stop running in circles and learn the mindset tools needed to manage your energy and finally climb your professional ladder or grow your thriving enterprise with courage, clarity and confidence.


I've been there, too.

Do you have big, bold dreams to advance your career or build your dream business but find yourself feeling like an imposter, trapped waiting for "perfect" circumstances, dimming your light, playing small, or hopelessly searching for your purpose?

How do I know your, "Yes, but…" story? 

That you can be both high-achieving and feel like a fraud or that you can be grateful for your career or business but still feel trapped and weighed down by your circumstances or even despite your many successes in a field you chose, you continue to feel like your passion and purpose elude you?

I know because I used to feel the exact same way

I used to feel the weight of Impostor Syndrome and Perfectionism–the self-doubt, second-guessing, and avoiding the spotlight–that kept me feeling like I wasn't ready enough to live my "dream life."


But my story didn't end there

By using the same 8 Essential Keys to Freedom and Possibility™ I teach my clients, I've healed my business and myself. I broke free of the chains of Impostor Syndrome and Perfectionism. Through the continued practice of these 8 Essential Keys, I am in "recovery," and you can be too.

I'm Ryane LeCesne

And I'm a Transformational Mindset Coach, Business Strategist, and Energy Healer. I'm also the creator of the scientifically based and proven process – the 8 Essential Keys to Freedom and Possibility™ – and the innovative BeliefClearing Method™. I help high-achieving women of color break free of the chains of Impostor Syndrome and Perfectionism and advance their dream career or build their dream business with courage, clarity, and confidence. This is a calling and a passion I've had for as long as I can remember. Teaching, coaching, healing, a keen ear for spotting fear, and a deep understanding of how to support you navigate the belief-changing process are some of my natural gifts I use to unlock the personal and professional transformations of my clients.

Freedom and possibility await you 

I'm excited for you to discover your innate power and learn to become the conscious creator of your career or business––and life as a whole––through the powerful transformational mindset process I've designed for you!


Love and Light!

Ryane LeCesne

Read more about Ryane and her personal story (here).

Schedule your FREE Session with Ryane now!

✓ Now is the time to take a stand for yourself and your professional or entrepreneurial dreams and goals. 

✓ Now is the time to get the support and the essential keys to break the chains of Impostor Syndrome and Perfectionism.

✓ Now is the time to learn how to become the conscious creator of your life.

You’ll walk away from our time together with:

Insight into your quiz results to see how Impostor Syndrome and Perfectionism hold you back from taking action on your dreams and goals.

✓ Greater clarity about your vision and an amped up commitment to advance your career or build your dream business.

✓ Specific action steps to help you determine your best strategy forward and get you on a clear path to the freedom and possibilities that await you.

✓ A renewed sense of hope and relief – feeling positive, energized, and clear that you can succeed and break the chains of Impostor Syndrome and Perfectionism once and for all!

Is a free Discovery Call a good fit for you?

This is right for you if you are...

✓ Ready to get crystal clear on and in alignment with your purpose.

✓ Ready for a breakthrough in your career or business.

✓ Ready for proven how-to steps to transform your  mindset from a focus on lack and limitation to abundance and inspired action.

✓ Ready to learn how to manage your energy so you can experience greater courage, clarity, and confidence as a professional or entrepreneur.

This may not be right for you if you are...

✓ Already clear on your career or entrepreneurial purpose and feel fulfilled in all areas of your life.

✓ You don't believe that you're ready for a change.

✓ You have a very narrow perspective on what's possible for you and your life.

✓  You're more committed to your current circumstances than pursuing your dreams.

✓ Not willing to invest in yourself and do whatever it takes to become the best version of yourself.

Having dedicated personalized support

makes ALL the difference.

"OMG, Ryane. You totally 'get' my experience–I'm ready to take action now. How can I get started on my transformation TODAY?"

"OMG, Ryane–I am SO ready to...

✘ Break the chains of Imposter Syndrome and Perfectionism!

✘ Celebrate my successes and leverage my skills and credentials to further my success!

✘ Stop waiting for perfection –– the perfect circumstances, perfect timing, perfect idea, for me to be perfect –– so that I can finally create the momentum I need to advance my career or build my dream business!

✘ End the exhaustion and overwhelm so that I can focus on clear action to fulfill my life's purpose and feel the satisfaction of knowing I'm doing what I'm meant to be doing!

✘ Be an example to myself and my family, living proof of what's possible!

✘ Free myself of mindsets that have kept me hostage and playing smaller than who I'm meant to be!" 

I get it! And I so hear YOU!

The fastest way to your dreams is to:

1. Commit to them.

2. Get support. 

3. Follow a proven process.

4. Do the work and work your magic!

✓ Ready to finally do it?

✓ Ready to advance your career or build your dream business?

✓ Ready for help?

Get STARTED here! Get to Clarity Course is an online accelerator program to get you in ACTION TODAY!

Enroll in the Get to Clarity Course TODAY!!

Where will you be in a year?

Look, you can keep doing it by yourself and trying to manage these very real obstacles alone. But with this approach, chances are high that one year from now, you’ll be pretty much in the same place you are today. Is that what you really want? I know this struggle well.

Despite my degrees from top schools and years of professional success, I felt like an imposter and was secretly struggling. I didn’t see myself as an expert and questioned whether I had what it takes to be a real “success” story.


Fast forward a few years: I no longer feel like an impostor. I don’t shirk from my expertise anymore.


I used the very same scientifically based process I teach to my clients and course students and I got the support necessary to make my quantum leap from anxiously hoping to joyfully thriving. I now have a business and lifestyle I love.


Start today, and this time next year will look and feel and be very different for you.

What’s the cost of continuing the way you are?

Bottom line: personal transformation is PRICELESS!

How much would you pay to wake up tomorrow and have the courage, clarity and confidence to go after everything you really want in your career or business and were armed with the tools to consciously become the creator of the life you'd most love to live?

Your personal transformation is waiting for you!

The kind of underlying stress and struggle you’re experiencing can have dire effects, and not only on your professional life. It can impact your health, your self-confidence, your peace of mind, and keep you from fulfilling your deepest dreams and desires, your potential, and the life you’re meant to live.


I'm here to support you get yourself off the fence and into action!

Schedule your FREE Discovery Call with me to answer your questions about your quiz results and see if working together will help you break the chains of Impostor Syndrome and Perfectionism.


You can schedule your FREE call with me here <<Schedule your FREE Discovery Call with Ryane>>.

​I look forward to connecting with you to help you design your path forward to the freedom and abundant possibilities that are in store for you as you consciously create the career or business of your dream!


​I'm excited to show you how!


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