Do you want to advance your career or build your dream business with clarity, confidence, and inner-peace, but find yourself feeling like an impostor, trapped in the quicksand waiting for “perfect,” dimming your light or hopelessly searching for your purpose?


How do I know your, “Yes! But…” story? How do I know that you can be a high-achieving, big, bold goal setting woman but also feel trapped and weighed down by your circumstances?

I know because I used to feel the exact same way…


Hello, and welcome to INSPIRE Brand Consulting! I’m Ryane Danielle LeCesne, and I am a self-proclaimed 

"personal transformation nerd"! I'm also the CEO of INSPIRE, Founder of Finesse School, and master Transformational Mindset Coach. I’m the Illuminator to Your Brilliance™! And I’m here to inspire, support, and guide YOU break the chains to the fixed mindsets of Impostorism, Perfectionism and FEAR so you can create the lifestyle you'd most love to live!

In 2015, I had a big, bold dream to take a leap of faith and turn my passion project, INSPIRE Sunday Brunch, into an entrepreneurial venture and full-service coaching business.


Albeit I was excited about the possibilities of creating my purpose-based business to support clients live their best-selves, I also experienced crippling overwhelm, severe uncertainty, incredible self-doubt, and a was knee deep stuck in the quicksand fixed mindsets of  Impostorism, Perfectionism and FEAR... At that time, my habitual way of thinking and feeling was, "Who was I to run a business or charge clients for my expertise? How dare I claim to be an 'expert.' I’m not ready or ‘perfect’ enough to be a coach.” It was a really tough time


I secretly experienced a deep amount of shame and frustrating anxiety because despite my many degrees, the multitude of professional and personal successes I’d amassed, the fact that I was in my “zone of genius” as a coach, and that I was expending all of my energy trying to make the business work, I still felt like I wasn’t enough. I was paralyzed, depressed, and overwhelmed.


But my story didn't end there...

...INSPIRE Brand Consulting began in 2012 with a series of women empowerment Sunday brunches. By 2015 I'd grown the business to 3 pro bono clients. And today, I’ve built the company into a healthy, thriving, heart-centered lifestyle coaching business...

...Your story – your desire to successfully navigate uncharted territories whether it be to master a “C-Suite Mindset” or an “Entrepreneurial Mindset,” is poised for a delightful next chapter.


I bring all of who I am to my coaching practice. After investing over 10,000 hours of formal and on-the-job training, doing my own “inner-work” and deep spiritual healing, supporting scores of clients, reading 100s of personal development books, training as a transformational mindset coach, securing my Holy Fire Reiki II certification, investing 10s-of-thousands of dollars on business, life and spiritual coaching, I’ve cracked the “code” (!!!!), and now I teach and coach clients to unlock, activate, and live their Brilliance too!


My coaching philosophy is that the “inner-work” works! It works over time, every time, for everyone who’s willing to do the work.


As a Transformational Mindset Coach, I coach the whole person from the inside out. I've taken everything I've learned, experienced, and teach, and have created a transformational mindset coaching practice designed specifically for high-achieving women to advance their careers or build dream businesses with clarity, confience and peace.


The evidence-based and innovative personal transformational blueprint I've created, the 8-Step Quantum Leap Process™, intersects the science of the body-mind with spirituality, leadership principles with metaphysics, and strategic planning with energy healing and best practice personal growth tools. The framework is simple, easy to implement, and supports personal transformation. It’s a scientifically based and proven process that works, and it can be learned, practiced, and integrated into your everyday way of leading and living your life. 

Are YOU ready for a mindset transformation?


Break the chains to the fixed mindsets of  Impostorism, Perfectionism and FEAR that are slowing down your success and keeping you from creating the life you’d most love to live.


Gain the clarity, confidence, and inner-peace you need to raise your hand for your next promotion, share your big, bold ideas with your leadership team, start your dream business, find your inner voice, live your purpose, wake up every morning feeling free to be the authentic and brilliant women you truly are!


I know you can do it, and I’ll be there to support you every step of the way. I promise you that your self-discovery process will even be enjoyable, and we’ll share a lot of laughs along the journey!


Are you willing to learn more about how I can support you break the chains to the fixed mindsets of  Impostorism, Perfectionism, and FEAR? Are you ready for more clarity, confidence, and peace in your life? Are you ready to create the lifestyle you’d most love to live?


If you answered, “YES! YES! YES!” then I personally invite you to audaciously take action.

I’m excited to inspire, support, and guide you through this powerful transformational mindset process!


Love and Light!

Ryane LeCesne

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