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It’s impossible to advance your professional dreams and hide your brilliance at the same time.

Hi, I'm Coach Ryane LeCesne!

I help high-achieving Black women advance their businesses and careers with precision by mastering the mindset tools to bridge their confidence gaps, define their personal brands, and wholeheartedly embrace and embody their brilliance.

What's killing your confidence and stalling your professional dreams?

Take our *free* quick quiz to identify your #1 Confidence Killer.


What's Killing Your Confidence And Stalling Your Professional Dreams?

(Take Our *FREE* Quiz To Find Out!) 

You followed all the "rules to success" but still feel stuck trying to advance your career or build your small business.
You're frustrated by crippling self-doubt and second-guessing, which keeps you from taking action on your goals.
You're overwhelmed by the fear of failure and, at the same time, paralyzed by the fear of success.

What self-limiting BS (Belief System) is holding YOU and your professional dreams hostage?


"I let go of the belief that as a Black woman, I have to work twice as hard to get half as much. Now I believe I can operate in my truth and embrace that life can be easy – I can find a healthy rhythm and balance in my life."

- Laurinda R.
General Manager at United Airlines Cobrand at Chase

Stop playing small, feeling overwhelmed, staying distracted, and second-guessing yourself and your professional dreams. 

I believe you deserve more than the status quo for smart, ambitious Black women...

And too many Black women feel stuck, frustrated in their confidence gaps and lack clarity on their personal brands, which makes it challenging to take action to advance their professional dreams.

If left unaddressed, lacking confidence in yourself and clarity in your personal brand will continue to cause you to play small, feel overwhelmed, stay distracted, and keep you second-guess yourself and your professional dreams. 

So I created a *FREE* Quiz to help you identify your #1 confidence killer - it may be the root cause of your feeling trapped by fear of failure and paralyzed by fear of success.



... Advancing your professional dreams - quantum leaping the corporate ladder or building and scaling your business. Getting the hailed leadership position, being the boss of your company, or growing your personal brand as a thought leader in your field – it's all right here for you.

Start your journey to advancement today!

 Since 2012, Inspire Brand Consulting has supported high-achieving Black women to close their confidence gaps and identify their personal brands so they advance the career or small business of their dreams. Through a holistic approach to coaching and energy healing, Inspire clients are coached to close their confidence gaps, identify their personal brands, and practice living their brilliance. We are excited to offer you one-on-one coaching support, professional development courses, and community experiences.

Mastering your mindset and advancing your professional dreams requires mastery of all 3 essential tools

... I'll coach you to...


Without self-awareness, you can't grow towards advancement. After you receive the results of your quiz, you’ll learn how to close the gap, for good. 


Learn how to get comfortable being the most authentic you you can possibly be. Begin to value, celebrate, and share your accomplishments, and delight in your life rather than be consumed with fear and self-doubt. 


Show up as the authentic you! Get the guidance and support to practice techniques proven to help you get into the flow of your "right" rhythm so you can advance your professional dreams with ease and grace.


Operating on 'Auto Pilot' is efficient, but not necessarily the path to living our best selves. The power of the Advanced Accelerator Program for me was that it shined a light on my 'default settings' and gave me the tools and focus to help me be intentional in my thinking and decision-making.


Education Consultant

Meet Coach Ryane LeCesne
The Mindset Advancement Coach

Hi, I'm Coach Ryane. I help high-achieving Black women advance their businesses and careers with precision by mastering the 3 Essential Tools to Advancement – to bridge their confidence gaps, define their personal brands, and wholeheartedly embrace and embody their brilliance.

Most people want to advance their careers or build their small businesses...

...But, unfortunately, too many of us have a fear of failure but are also paralyzed by the fear of success. This causes people to play small, feel overwhelmed, stay distracted, and second-guess themselves and their professional dreams.

(Sound familiar?) Are you also stuck trying to advance?

If so, I'm glad you found your way to Inspire. I'm here to help you learn how to master your mindset, manage your energy, and close your confidence gap so you can advance your professional dreams!

The free, quick quiz I created will help you to get clear on the #1 confidence-killer mindset that keeps you feeling stuck, and unable to fully maximize your potential and advance your professional dreams.

Whether your dream is to quantum leap the corporate ladder or launch and scale your business, without closing your confidence gap, you'll continue to be unable to advance – trapped by fear of failure and paralyzed by fear of success.

Ready to advance your dream career or build your business?

Ready to be the hero of your story?

Taking our free, short quiz is a powerful first step to advancing your professional dream!

♥︎Ryane LeCesne


As a Black, female business owner who's living her professional dreams, I also struggled for years with how to overcome my confidence gap, identify my personal brand, and live my brilliance. I've taken everything I've learned from my extensive formal education and from the school of hard knocks and for over a decade have coached my clients increase their inner confidence, gain crystal clarity on their personal brands (without the need to people-please, put others first, or code-switch), and create the careers and small businesses of their dreams.

 I'm here to support you be the next Inspire Success Story!


More About Ryane

Keynote Speaker

I've had the opportunity to speak at Walmart, GDIT, McDonald's, Chicago City Treasurer's Women's Small Business Expo, Corporate Counsel Women of Color, American University, ColorComm, Bethesda Chamber of Commerce, Junior League of Washington DC, The Thomas and Joyce Moorehead Foundation - to name a few.


1:1 Advancement Coach

For over a decade, I've worked with hundreds of high-achieving women, specializing in the unique needs of Black women. I continue to stay passionate and committed to my work and community.


20+ Years of Empowering Black Women and Girls

I've spent my career (and life) helping to build human capital and supporting high-achieving women to close their confidence gaps, identify their personal brands, and live their brilliance so that they can advance their professional dreams.


Led Workshops for Thousands

For over two decades, I've created curriculum and led workshops for over a thousand high-achieving women focused on mastering mindset, mindfulness, business etiquette and networking, visioning and goal setting, and skincare, and am the creator of my transformational signature coaching program – the Advance Accelerator Program.


CEO | Mindset + Energy Management Coach | Career + Business + Communications Strategist  

The expertise I bring to Inspire and our clients is broad and wide and narrow and deep. I’ve taken everything I’ve learned, experienced, and teach over the past twenty years, and have created a holistic and innovative, evidence-based, and proven personal development system designed for high-achieving Black women.


Wife + Mommy + Tennis Player + Civic Engagement = Me!

When I'm not coaching or with my nose in a personal development+leadership+spiritual book, I'm the wife of a very loving and supportive super-guy and mommy to a very special love bug. I LOVE my family, friends, and being on the tennis court. And, I'm proud member of The Links, Incorporated and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated. 


Mindset Advancement Success Stories!


I'd achieved a certain level of success but still felt stuck in my career – I wasn't living my dreams. After taking the quiz, I knew what was causing my confidence gap. Discovering the mindset that kept me feeling stuck, helped me start to close my confidence gap. Now, I’m the creator and CEO of the digital media company I’d always dreamed of. It’s awesome!


CEO Curated Brilliance

Get the hailed leadership position, be the boss of your company, or grow your personal brand as a thought leader in your field – it's all right here for you.


Ready to Work With Ryane?


Start HERE! Take your first step to advancing your professional dreams. Take our free, quick quiz to identify your #1 Confidence Killer – Your Sabotage Type. It may be the root cause of your feeling stuck, overwhelmed, distracted, and unable able to advance your career or business.



Register for our signature private coaching program, the Advance Accelerator Program, to get access to one of three levels of private coaching support, guidance, and proven techniques to learn how to close your confidence gap, identify your personal brand, and live your brilliance.



Join our monthly Inner Circle Book Club + Mastermind community designed especially to support high-achieving Black women to advance their professional dreams. Receive group coaching from Ryane and the collective wisdom of the Inner Circle community to support your advancement. 


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