7 Simple Steps to Start a Powerful Mindfulness Meditation Practice 

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(Listen to this recording seated or lying down only.)

The Power of a Meditation Practice

The wisdom of meditation has supported people across the globe make personal transformations for thousands of years. The benefits of a meditation "practice" have proven to help lower and alleviate stress, depression, anxiety, improve sleep, and support people have an overall more joy-filled life.


However, starting a meditation practice can seem a bit... scary, overwhelming, and hard to stick with! 


Many people are stumped and stuck with questions like: How do I clear my mind of my thoughts? Where and when would I meditate? What does it even mean to "have a meditation practice? What is mindfulness?"

I get it! The "where, how and when to start" might leave you scratching your head.

Simply put, meditation is a mental workout for your mind and nervous system, and it's even easier than going to the gym to lift weights.


All you need to do is: sit or lay down, pause, close your eyes and focus on your breath... that's it.


Every time you get distracted, and you NOTICE that your focus has diverted from your breath, shift your focus back to your breath and you've SUCCEEDED!


Catching yourself "failing" is a success! Cool and easy, right?


This is how it works: Studies show that we have between 50,000 and 80,000 thoughts per day with 97% of our thoughts being the exact same thoughts as yesterday's thoughts (you are basically reliving the past twenty years with your thoughts right NOW!).

Meditation is an intentional physical, mental and emotional disruption to your habitual way of thinking and feeling. Over time, and with "practice," this disruption supports positive behavior changes on a cellular and experiential level. You create you all over again – from the inside out.

Remember, as soon as you focus on your breath, your mind is going to wander all over the place (your mind is doing its job). Your job is to simply and without judgment notice, "I'm not focusing on my breath," and bring your attention back to your breath... in and out.


That's meditation!


All you have to do is sit for 5 minutes a day and focus on your breath... in and out, catch yourself lost in thought, refocus on your breath... in and out.


EASY! And it feels so AMAZING!

Five minutes a day is all you need to have an effective meditation practice!

Here are Simple Steps to Start a Powerful Mindfulness Meditation Practice – begin to center yourself today:

  • Step #1 Let go of “perfect." It’s a misnomer that to meditate means to be void of your thoughts. Meditation is all about noticing and accepting when your mind wonders and to intentionally bring your awareness back to the focus of your breath - back to the presnet moment, here, now. 

  • Step #2  Set a timer and sit or lay comfortably, relaxed, and tall in your spine with your eyes closed.

  • Step #3  Bring your attention to your breath. Breathe in for five seconds. Pause at the top of the breath. Breathe out for five seconds. Pause at the bottom of the breath. Repeat.

  • Step #4 Letting go of judgment, control, and attachment, simply notice your thoughts, feelings, body sensations, and mental images. Just notice them – releasing judgment.

  • Step #5 On the out breathe, release your thoughts, feelings, body sensations, and mental images. Imagine them floating like clouds passing you by; aware but unattached.

  • Step #6  Rather than become attached to your mental chatter, bring your attention back to your breath.

  • Step# 7  Practice meditating for 5 - 10 minutes a day.

I invite you to send me a note with one takeaway you found helpful, a question you have about meditation, and/or a step you're going to take to start your practice today - Ryane@InspireBrandConsulting.com.

Love and Light to you!


As a *BONUS*, I've recorded a guided meditation to jump-start and support you along your meditation journey. Just click on the play button below and relax!

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Click on the play button to access your guided mediation!

(Listen to this recording seated or lying down only.)

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